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Divide the length of a side of one triangle by the length of the corresponding side of the other triangle.

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Q: HOW do you find the similar ratio of a triangle?
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How do you find ratio of a triangle?

The answer depends on what ratio of the triangle you are interested in.

Two triangle are similar and the ratio of the corresponding sides is 4 3 What is the ratio of their areas?

area of triangle 1 would be 16 and the other triangle is 9 as the ratio of areas of triangles is the square of their similar sides

Show how to find scale factor of a small triangle to a larger similar triangle?

The ratio of the length of the side in the big triangle to the length of the corresponding side in the little triangle is the scale factor.

Ratio of the angles in a triangle?

if the angle of a triangle are in the ratio 7:11:18,find the angle

How do you find the ratio of a triangle?

The Pothagerean theorem.

Which side lengths form a triangle that is similar to triangle ABC?

Any triangle whose sides are in the same ratio with the corresponding sides of ABC.

What is a similar triangle?

Two triangles are said to be similar if the ratio of the sides of one triangle to the corresponding sides of the other triangle remains the same. One consequence is that all corresponding angles are the same.

What ratio do you use to find the sine of an angle in a right triangle?

Sine ratio = opposite/hypotenuse

If two angles of one triangle are equal to two angles of another triangle then the triangles are similar because of the?

If the angles are the same and the sides are proportional by ratio then they are said to be similar triangles.

How do you find the ratio of similar shapes?

i have no freaking idea

How do you find sine?

In a right angle triangle divide the opposite by the hypotenuse to find the sine ratio.

How you draw a similar triangle of a triangle having sides 4cm5cm7cm where the ratio of similar triangle sides are 234 of given triangle?

Draw a triangle with sides of 4*234 cm, 5*234 cm and 7*234 cm = 936 cm, 1170 cm and 1638 cm.

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