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OK. Bring it on.

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Q: Help solve a math problem a0?
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How to solve half life questions?

In order to solve half-life questions, consider the equation ... AT = A0 2(-T/H) ... where A0 is the initial radioisotope's activity, AT is the decayed activity after time T, and H is the half-life. Given 3 of these parameters, you can solve for the fourth. For instance, given starting activity, ending activity, and time, you can solve for half-life as follows ... AT = A0 2(-T/H) AT/A0 = 2(-T/H) ln2(AT/A0) = -T/H H = -T/ln2(AT/A0) ... and don't forget that ln2(x) = log(x)/log(2)

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How do you calculate a half life?

The equation for half-life is ... AT = A0 2(-T/H) ... where AT is activity at some time T, A0 is starting activity, and H is half-life in units of T. If you wanted to solve for H, it is straightforward algebra ... AT = A0 2(-T/H) AT / A0 = 2(-T/H) log2 (AT / A0) = -T/H H = -T / log2 (AT / A0) ... Remember that log2 (x) = ln (x) / ln (2)

How many inches is A0?

A0 paper is 46.8 x 33.1 in.

How do you prove a0 equals 1?


What size is an A0 Poster?

In millimeters the A0 paper size is 841mm by 1189mm. In inches the A0 paper size is 33.1 × 46.8 in.

What is size of A0 sheet?

A0 paper measures 841mm x 1189mm.

What is A0 paper used for?

A0 and A1 are used for Technical drawings and posters.

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its so much fun, playin the can-can. capital letters are half notes, lowercase are quarter notes. equal signs (=) are rests. here goes: D D d1 d3 d2 d1 A0 A0 a0 a1 d2 d3 D1 D1 d1 d3 d2 d1 d0 a3 a2 a1 a0 d3 d2 d1 D0 D0 d1 d3 d2 d1 A0 A0 a0 a1 d2 d3 D1 D1 d1 d3 d2 d1 d0 a0 d1 d2 d0

How many sheets of A4 paper goes into an A0 sheet?

16 pages of A4 fit into an A0

How big is an A0 piece of paper?

In the standardised paper measurement system A0 is 1189 millimetres x 841 millimetres.

What is the biggest print you can make from a 35mm SLR camera?

it depends how sharp the picture is but with a good body and lens and film and a steady shot it should be no problem to print it on A0 posterformat, but if you want to be shure take the negative to a good photoshop and let tem analyse if a poster A0 size will be sharp

What are the measurements for A0 size paper?

The answer to the question the measurement of A0 paper is 1189mm x 841mm. Hope that helps

Why does a0 equal 1?


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What is the 32nd term of the arithmetic sequence where a1 equals 15 and a13 equals -57?

Suppose the sequence is defined by an = a0 + n*d Then a1 = a0 + d = 15 and a13 = a0 + 13d = -57 Subtracting the first from the second: 12d = -72 so that d = -6 and then a0 - 6 = 15 gives a0 = 21 So a32 = 21 - 32*6 = -171

What is the standard form of a polynomial expression?

f(x) = a0 + a1x + a2x2 + a3x3 + ... + anxn for some integer n, and constants a0, a1, ... an.

How do you find D?

A= A0e^-kt A0= A/ e^kt = Ae^kt A0= A+ D* D*= A0- A D*= Ae^kt - A D*= A(e^kt - 1)

How can you use logarithmic and exponential equations and properties to solve half-life and logistic growth scenarios?

For an exponential function: General equation of exponential decay is A(t)=A0e^-at The definition of a half-life is A(t)/A0=0.5, therefore: 0.5 = e^-at ln(0.5)=-at t= -ln(0.5)/a For exponential growth: A(t)=A0e^at Find out an expression to relate A(t) and A0 and you solve as above

Exponential growth and decay functions are written in standard form as Ft equals A0 bkt where A0 is an initial amount k is the growth rate and t is?


Exponential decay equation?

A = A0 e-Bt

What is the size of an A-Sheet?

A0 is 1 meter square.

How do you pass the game Frogtastic? copy and go to this page enjoy!

What part of an original isotope's numberof atoms remains have two half-lifes?

After two half-lives, 25% of an isotopes original number of atoms remains. AT = A0 2 (-T/H) Where A0 is the original activity, AT is the activity after some time T, and H is the half-life in units of T, so ... A2 = A0 2 (-2/1) A2 = 0.25 A0

How many A2 sheets goes into A0 sheet?