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It is the same thing as adding without a Yahoo id

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Q: How do you add without using numbers?
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How can you multiply two numbers without using sign?

add the number how many times it says

How do you add negative integers without using the number line?

if they are both negative, add like they are positive numbers, but just add the negative sign.

When using distributive property if you add the numbers is the answer a product or a sum?

If you simply add numbers the answer is the sum of those numbers.

How can you add numbers?

Using the additive property (+).

How do you get the sum of two numbers?

The best method is to add the numbers, using arithmetic.

How do you perform multiplication of two numbers without using the multiplication operator?

By using repeated addition. Consider two numbers a and b. If you want to find a*b then you can add the numbers repeatedly in a loop to get the product. Eg:product = a;for( i=1; i

How do you work out a hexagon add-on-agons using negative numbers?

you ADD all the #s

Code to add 2 integer numbers without using int float and double?

int a=2, b=3, c=a+b;

How do you make an average using given numbers?

add them all together and then divide the answer by the number of numbers.

How can properties help me add whole numbers and decimals?

Without properties, you cannot have a number system. Without a number system, there is nothing to add.

How do you find the difference using mixed numbers?

first add the whole numbers then do simple fraction subtraction

How do you write 5th dec without using numbers?


How do you write 30000 without using numbers?

thirty thousand

How do you add to 36 without using 3 or 6?

Add 40 and then take away 4.

How do you add two numbers without any operators in maths?

Calculus Magic!

7 odd numbers that add up to 30 without minus?

Can not be done! An odd number of odd numbers will ALWAYS add up to an odd number.

How do you add the total or a column full of numbers without using a calculator?

Since you put this question in the Excel category, I will answer relative to what you can do with Excel. The quick way is to highlight the column of numbers and click on the Auto-Sum button.

How a program in c that will add 2 numbers without using any operator?

Not possible. Let's not forget than in C the followings are all operators:+, -+=, -=++, --=&, *, []function-call

How can addition properties help you add whole numbers?

Because addition properties allow you to add them in the first place and without them, you couldn't add!

What is 750 add 1762?


How do you make 16 with 4 digits?

2 * 2 * 2 * 2 It's not possible to make 16 without using the same numbers twice or without using whole numbers.

How do you compare 2 numbers without using relational operators in c?

using max function

How do you write 28april2011 in 5 letters without using numbers?

A Date

How do you find the average of 5 numbers using static method in java?

Add the five numbers; divide the result by 5.

How do you find the sums using mental computation?

Basically, it means to add the numbers in your head.