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One way would be as follows:

Let b represent the length of the base, l the length of each of the two sides, and theta the angle between the base and the two sides of length l. Now drop a perpendicular line from each vertex at the top of the trapezoid to the base. This yields two right triangles and a rectangle in the middle. The height of each right triangle (as well as the height of the rectangle) equals l*sin(theta) [because sin(theta)=opposite/hypotenuse] and the length of the base of each right triangle is l*cos(theta). The base of the rectangle is b minus the lengths of the two right triangles.

Area of the trapezoid=2*area of each right triangle+area of the rectangle=2*(1/2)*(l*sin(theta)*l*cos(theta))+(b-2*l*cos(theta))(l*sin(theta))=)*(l*sin(theta)*l*cos(theta))+(b-2*l*cos(theta))(l*sin(theta))=b*l*sin(theta)-l2*sin(theta)*cos(theta)

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Q: How do you calculate the area of anisosceles trapezoid if you only know the width of the base and the length and angle of the sides?
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