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divide both fraction numbers by 10 and add them :D, i think :P

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Q: How do you compare fraction into decimals?
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What is the meaning of compare fraction?

To compare fractions is to determine which is larger. You can do this by changing both to the same denominator, or converting them to decimals.

How will you know if it is bigger fraction?

If the denominators are the same then it will have a bigger numerator or change them into decimals and then compare them.

How do you compare similar and dissimilar fraction?

Two ways: Convert them to decimals and compare or convert them to equivalent fractions with a common denominator and compare the numerators.

How would you know when a fraction is greater than another fraction?

You could convert them to like fractions with a common denominator and compare the numerators or you could convert them to decimals and compare them.

Which fraction is bigger 11.15 or 13.20?

For comparing numbers with decimals, first compare the integer part - in this case, 11 and 13. If these are different, there is no need to compare the decimal part.

What is the fraction 155 as a decimals?

155 is an integer not a fraction.

How you can decide which fraction has the greatest value?

Convert them all into equivalent fractions with the same denominator. Then compare the numerators. Or, convert them all into decimals.

When you Write ma fraction as a decimals you write decimals Of fractions?

Restate the question: If you can write a fraction as a decimal, can you write a decimal as a fraction?Yes.

How do you turn decimals into fraction?

how to turn fractions into decimals

How many decimals places a decimals has if a fraction with 1000 as denominators?


How do you compare and order decimals?


What is the name of a fraction in tenths?


How do you compare decimals and percents?

how you compare decimals and percents, is by the signs. a decimal looks like this: 0.0 and a percent looks like this: %

How do you write fraction from least to greastest?

You can compare two fractions by converting them to a common denominator - but if you need to compare several fractions, it would be easier to write each fraction as a decimal, with several digits after the decimal point, then compare the decimals. Oh Yeah And When I Have A Question No One Effen Answeres It!

Why are negative repeating decimals, rational?

If you convert repeating decimals into a fraction, you see that the repeating decimals are rational.

How do you compare fractions without common denominators?

Make them into decimals. Make them into decimals.

How do you convert decimals?

The answer will depend on what you wish to convert the decimals into!

How do you multiply decimals by a fraction?

you can change the fraction into a decimal or vice-versa

Can decimals be in a fraction?

Of course all the decimals have fractions except those with non-recurring and non-terminating decimals.

How do you compare tow fractions?

change them to decimals

Can be positive or negative no decimals or fraction?


Can there be 2 decimals in a math fraction?


Can an irrational number be a decimals?

Yes but not as a fraction

How is a decimal and fraction related?

They are related because you can comvert decimals into fractions,and fractions into decimals.

How do you convert decimals to fractions and fraction to decimals?

how do youconvert 5/2 into decimal form