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This is not a valid conversion. Cubic units is a measure of volume while square units is a measure of area.

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Q: How do you convert normal cubic meter to Square feet?
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Convert cubic meter into square meter?

Impossible!!! Cubic meter is a volume measure and square meter is a measure of area!!!

How do you convert 16 cubic square to square meter?

You can't convert between cubic meters and square meters.

Convert 1 cubic meter into square meter?

The surface of a 1 cubicmeter cube is 6 square meters. But it is not possible to convert cubic into square because Cubic is 3D and square is 2D

Convert 270 square meter to cubic meter with a depth of 10cm?

27 cubic meters

How do you convert normal cubic meter to standard cubic meter?

A cubic meter is a cubic meter and that is world standard. There are no non-normal cubic meters or normal cubic meters. Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversions of volume and capacity units".

How do you convert square meter to cubic meter?

I don't think u can do that! square meter (m2) is a unit of AREA. cubic meter (m3) is a unit of VOLUME.

How many square feet in a cubic meter?

None. Cubic units do not convert to square units.

Convert 2.188 cubic square meters into cubic square feet?

2.18800 (cubic (square meter)) = 2 728.711 cubic (square feet)

How many square meter is one cubic meter?

You simply can't convert that.

Convert 6355 sq m to cubic meter?

it is impossible. square meter is a unit of area and cubic meter is of volume.

How do you convert normal cubic feet to cubic meter?

Multiply cubic feet by 0.0283 to get cubic meters.

1 cubic meter is how many square meter?

1 cubic meter is a unit of volume while square meter is a unit of area. We can not convert volume into area.

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