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(a + 3)( b + 2)

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you factor ab plus 2a plus 3b plus 6?
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What is ab 2a 3b 6?

ab + 2a + 3b + 6

What does ab 2a 3b 6 equal using factoring by grouping?

so let's group and then factor ab+2a+3b+6= (ab+2a)+(3b+6)= a(b+2)+3(b+2)= (a+3)(b+2) and that is our final answer! Doctor Chuck

Factor ab plus 3a plus b2 plus 3b?


Ab plus 3a plus b squared plus 3b?

This expression can be factored. ab + 3a + b2 + 3b = a(b + 3) + b(b + 3) = (a + b)(b + 3)

Factor ab - 2ac plus b2 - 2bc?


How do you factor ab plus bc plus b2 plus ac?

(a + b)(b + c)

What is the answer for algebra abc plus ab?

You want: abc + ab Factor out the common terms which are "a" and "b" ab ( c + 1 )

What 2 digit number whose tens digit is 4 less than 3 times the sum of the digits?

Answer = 20 Let the number be ab where a is the "tens" value and b is the "units" value. Then a + 4 = 3(a + b) a + 4 = 3a + 3b 4 = 2a + 3b The only condition that satisfies this is when b = 0 then 4 = 2a : a = 2

Factor X squared y plus axy plus abx plus a squared b?

x2y + axy + abx + a2b Factor by grouping. xy(x + a) + ab(x + a) (xy + ab)(x + a)

How do you factor this expression 3a plus ab plus 3c plus bc?

(b + 3)(a + c)

Factor these mr plus ns - nr - ms 00000 ab plus 4 plus a plus 4b?

ab + 4 + a + 4b factors to (a + 4)(b + 1)

What is the GCF of ab plus 3a Greatest Common Factor?

The GCF is a.

Can AB plus plus give to AB?

No, A person with AB- can receive from O-, A-, B-, or AB-. See chart on related link. A positive Rh factor can receive from a negative, but not the other way around.

Factor ab-2ac plus b2-2bc?

(a + b)(b - 2c)

How do you factor Ab plus CD - cb - ad?

(a - c)(b - d)

What is the factor for ab-2ac plus b2-2bc?

(a + b)(b - 2c)

Factor a cubed plus B-Cubed?

(a+b)(a squared-ab+b squared)

What is the factor of x2y-xyb-abx plus ab2?

(b - x)(ab - xy)

Can you factor this ab plus 3a-bc-3c?


Factor each what expressions to obtain a product sum ab plus c'd'?

e a cd

Factor ab - 2ac plus b squared - 2bc?


What is the factor of ab?

a and b are factors of ab

Factor 3a plus ab plus 3c plus bc?

a(3+b)+c(3+b) * * * * * This is easy to finish: . . . = (a + c)(3 + b).

Factor x squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?

(a + x^2)(b + y^2)

Can a man with blood group A plus marry a woman with blood group AB plus?

Yes. Blood type should not be a factor in who you marry.