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2a + 4b + 8c = 2(a + 2b + 4c)

You could also continue by factoring the inside of the parentheses a bit:

2a + 4b + 8c = 2(a + 2b + 4c) = 2(a + 2[b + 2c])

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6(a + b)+8(c)

14(a + b + c)

It is because ''a ,b ,c'' cannot be added, divided and subtracted

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Q: How do you factorise 2a plus 4b plus 8c?
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How many terms are in the expression 8c plus 12 plus 6a-4b plus 13-2x?


What is -3b plus 3c plus 5-b-8c-4?

It is an expression that can be simplified to: 1-4b-5c

What is the answer of 8c plus 4b 56 - 16b?

There is no answer because the question contains what appear to be two expressions in 2 variables. There are no equations nor inequalities and so there is nothing which can be solved.

What does 6-11 plus 5-8c plus 9c equal to?

It is: 6-11+5-8c+9c = c

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It is 7 - 8c.

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What is the answer

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It is 7 - 8c.

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What is 8c plus 24 plus 23 equals 71 what does c equal?

8c + 24 + 23 = 71subtract 47 from each side, 8c = 24divide each side by 8, c = 3

-8c plus 1 equals -3 what is c?

-8c+1 = -3 -8c = -3-1 -8c = -4 Divide both sides by -8 in order to find the value of c remembering that a minus number divided into minus number is equal to a plus number: c = 1/2

What is the answer to -8c plus 1 equals -3?

-8c + 1 = -3 => -8c = -3 + 1 => -8c = -2 => c = -2/(-8) => c = 1/4 = 0.25

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It is an equation and the value of c is -7

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The GCF is 8c.

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The expression simplified is: 7d-2cd-5c

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5(4 plus 8c)?

20+40c is the answer.

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Seven, though they can be reduced to 3 if like terms are combined.

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1st.3a 4b 5g 6d 7i 8e 9j 10f 11c 12h 2nd. 1d 2g 3a 5i 6b 8c 9f 10e 11h 12j

What is 4-8C in pharenhite?

4-8c in pharenhite = -4

What does c equal if c squared plus c squared plus 8 equals 8c?

2. c2 + c2 + 8 = 8c 2c2 - 8c + 8 = 0 c2 - 4c + 4 = 0 (c - 2)(c - 2) = 0 (c - 2)2 = 0 c - 2 = 0 c = 2

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It is not possible to solve a linear equation in two unknowns without knowing one of them.