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Another, simpler way of writing this would be: 4x + 3x - 7 x 2 + 6

To start, using order of operations, you would do 7 x 2 which equals 14.

So now you've got 4x + 3x - 14 + 6.

Because different terms are being used, we collect like terms.

First is 4x + 3x which equals 7x.

Then there's 14 + 6 BUT because before the 14 there is a minus sign, it becomes NEGATIVE 14. It should now look like -14 + 6 which equals -8.

Now the entire equation should look like 7x - 8.

I have simplified the equation, but you are in fact unable to factorise it because there are no common factors of 7 and 8.

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Q: How do you factorise x4 plus x3-7x2 plus 6?
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