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its we cn arrange only three 3rows using six circles.....with 3circles each......that too using sharing meathod

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Q: How do you find the number of parts in ratio?
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How do you find the total number of parts in a ratio?

Add them together!

A number used to multiply both parts of a ratio to be equal?

That is necessary if trying to find an equivalent ratio: not otherwise.

How do you find the ratio of a number?

The ratio of a single number is the number itself.

How do you find the ratio of neutrons to protons?

You find the number of neutrons, N You find the number of protons, P Then the ratio is N:P.

How do you use a number line to determine the ratio?

You do not use a number line to find a ratio

How do you find the ratio of 152?

A ratio is a property of two or more numbers. It is not possible to find the ratio of a single number.

How do you find the ratio?

Divide one number by the other number.

What is the ratio of 3?

To find a ratio, you need to compare two numbers. Since you have only given one number, it is impossible to find a ratio.

How do you find out the ratio of 70?

There's no such thing as the ratio of only one number. A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. The ratio of two numbers is their 'quotient' ... the number you get when you divide one number by the other one.

What is equivalent to this ratio 32?

Find an equivalent ratio to 32:24 such that tje first number in the ratio is 4

How do yo do ratio maths?

To share in a given ratio 1) Simplyfy the given ratio by putting each part of the ratio over the LCD 2) find the total no. of parts (add up the simplified ratio) 3) no. of parts / total no. of parts x total amount to be shared = the amout each person reacieves

What are the numbers considered to be in the golden ratio priory of sion?

The golden ratio is a number that exists in anatomy, art, and the sciences. The estimated number is 1.61803399. To find the ratio, you find: (1 + squaroot(5))/2

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