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The general formula for any type of pyramid - as well as for cones - is (1/3)Bh, where "B" is the base area, and "h" is the perpendicular height.

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Q: How do you find the volume of a octahedron pyramid?
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How do you find the surface area and volume for a octahedron?

rectangle and octahedron

Is a octagonal based pyramid the same as an octahedron?

No, it is not.

What two solid shapes have the same faces 2 more edges and vertics than the other?

A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.

Are all the faces on a octahedron parallel?

Not necessarily. A heptagon-based pyramid is an octahedron and it has no parallel faces.

How do you find the perpendicular height of a square based pyramid?

To find the perpendicular height of a square pyramid, first compute for the volume of the pyramid. Then divide the volume by the area of the base to find pyramid's height.

How do you find a volume for any pyramid?

Volume of a pyramid = 1/3*base area*height

What is the volume of a octahedron?

fok u

How much volume does an octahedron have?

Well I think that it do not have that much volume.

What is the title of the thirteenth volume of Euclid's Elements?

Volume XIII of Elements deals with the construction of the five regular Platonic solids (pyramid, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron) inside a given sphere.

How do you find the volume of a triangular pyramid?

The formula to find the volume of a triangular pyramid is: 1/3 (1/2 B H ) H

Why is a truncated octahedron called a truncated octahedron?

Start with an octahedron in the form of a quadrilateral based dipyramid a regular octahedron is a special case of this). This shape has six vertices - chop these off so as to remove a quadrilateral based pyramid. You will be left with a truncated octahedron. It is an octahedron which has been truncated (shortened) by cutting off its extremities.

What polyhedron has 12 edges?

Here are three; cube, octahedron, hexagonal pyramid.

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