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Select a conversion factor so that canceling removes the undesired unit and leaves the desired unit.

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Q: How do you know whether you have chained fractions correctly when you are changing a measurement to different units?
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Which term describes changing a measurement to an equivalent measurement of different unit?


What is the process of changing between two different units of measurement?


What one technique used to convert a measurement in one unit into a different unit without changing the value of the measurement?

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How can accuracy of a measurement be increased?

Only by changing the method used to take the measurement, which could include changing the person performing the measurement.

What is used in changing dissimilar fractions to similar fractions?

Finding the lowest common denominator

How do you calculate percentage change in the measurement of a picture frame?

The answer may depend on why the measurement is changing.

When you are changing a smaller unit of measurement to a larger unit of measurement do you multiply or divide?


Real life situation for changing repeating decimals into fractions?

there are None!

How do you add fractions with different denominator?

Make them the same, for example, 2/4 + 1/5 = 10/20 + 4/20 = 14/20. Remember that whatever you multiply the bottom by you must also multiply the top by when changing fractions.

What involves a process of trial and error simplifying fractions changing percentages to decials metric conversions reading musical notes?

Simplifying fractions

What are The notion that different measurement bases create a problem of additivity?

Different measurement bases, such as LCM or HC, create the problem of additivity as it is akin to adding height to weight. Also, when using HC, the figure is not particularly relevant due to the issue of changing purchasing power of money.

What is the rule for subtracting fractions?

First, change it so that the two fractions have the same denominator (by changing the fractions into equivalent fractions). Once the two fractions have the same denominator, it is simply a case of subtracting the numerators, leaving the denominator the same. Finally, reduce the fraction to its lowest terms (if possible).

Changing decimals into fractions?

you put your left leg in your left leg out in out in out shake it all about

How do subtract fractions?

all you have to do is follow the same algorithm for adding a pair of fractions together. the main step is to find common denominators between the two. to do this, you need to find the least common multiple. another way you could find a common denominator is just by changing them into decimals, and adding them normally like whole numbers with the decimals lined up correctly.

What is one technique used to convert a measurement in one unit into a different unit with out changing the value of the measurement?

Multiply the original quantity by a conversion factor, a fraction containing the desired unit in the numerator and the original unit in the denominator so that the fraction is equal to one.

What does changing phases mean?

Changing phases means that things are changing into their different forms.

Which is smaller 0.08 or 0.583?

0.08 is smaller - changing to proper fractions and using the same denominator for both fractions, it is equal to 8/1000, while 0.583 is equal to 583/1000.

Why would oil leak from your engine after changing plugs and wires?

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Express the fractions 1 over 2 and 2 over 5 to similar fractions?

If you are trying to convert 1/2 and 2/5 to fractions with different denominators, multiply the fractions by a fraction that is equal to 1. Go to the following URL to see an example.http://i30.tinypic.com30sbjfo.pngIn this example we see that by multiplying 1/2 by 4/4 (which is equal to 1), we change the fraction's denominator (and numerator) and thus change the numbers without changing the value of the fraction.

When you are dividing two repeating decimals is it easier to add them as they are or to change them to fractions first?

It is not clear why you would wish to add them! Changing them to fractions is generally the better option because it averts rounding errors.

What is the meaning of compare fraction?

To compare fractions is to determine which is larger. You can do this by changing both to the same denominator, or converting them to decimals.

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