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How do you read numbers?

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3 million eight hundred forty six thousand five hundred and twenty eight.

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What is the word for Numbers when read backwards read the same as forward?

Palindrome Not just for numbers, either.

How do you write a program in java to read ten numbers and print sum of ten integers?

Add the numbers into one variable as you read them in. But if you prefer, you can read the numbers into an array and then use a loop to add the numbers together.

What is the name of the ability that causes you not to be able to read numbers?

The disability that causes you not to be able to read numbers is called dyslexia. Dyslexic people struggle with reading and writing numbers.

What Palindrome numbers?

Palindrome numbers are numbers that read the same backwards and forwards, like 32923

How do read the numbers 0006?


How do you read a inch ruler?

by the numbers that are marked there

How do you read neutrogena lot numbers?


Can you read its Time Not Times With out Numbers?

No, I cannot.

What is it called when you read numbers backwards?


Why is it important to properly subscript our numbers on the Binary numeral system?

To ensure they are read as binary numbers and not decimal numbers.

What is a palindromic numbers?

Numbers that read the same backwards and forwards. 1001, 343, 20602

How do you use a decimal point to read and write very small numbers?

It separates the numbers

Why do telephones numbers have dash?

To separate other numbers its just easier to read my friend

How to spell hello in numbers?

spell HELLO, you will reverse the numbers so that they read 0.7734.

How do you read the numbers on a Micro Pipette?

look at the number!

How do you read the numbers on a can of prune juice?

black people.

What is the word for numbers that read backwards and forwards?


Shell script to add two numbers?

#!/bin/Bash echo "Enter the two numbers to be added:" read n1 read n2 answer=$(($n1+$n2)) echo $answer

How do you find where these lines intersect?

you look to see if they are crossing or not then u read the letters/numbers and then when you read it then you got the answer

Shell script for multiplying two numbers?

#!/bin/Bash echo "Enter the two numbers to be Multiplied:" read n1 read n2 answer=`expr $n1 \* $n2` echo $answer

Which period is not mentioned when you read or write numbers?

the decimal point

Why did the numbers of people learn to read after the mid 1400's?

they learned this to read more religious books

Why you can read any numbers if you can a three digit numbers if you know the names of periods?

Please amend your question and resubmit

What numbers make hell on a calculator?

Enter 1134 on a calculater then turn it upside down, and the numbers read hell.

What is the correct way to write out decimals in words?

When writing a decimal out in words, the numbers before the decimal are written as if they are whole numbers, and the numbers after the decimal are read as digits. Therefore, for example, 150.35 is read one hundred and fifty point three five.