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13 is a Prime number. The only prime factor of a prime number is the number itself.

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Q: How do you solve a prime factor of 13?
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Is 13 a prime factor?

Yes, 13 is a prime factor.

What is the prime factor of the number 13?

13 is already prime. Its only prime factor is itself.

What are the and prime factors of 13?

1 and 13. 13 is prime.

What are the prime factore of 13?

The only prime factor of 13 is 13.

Is there a difference between in prime factors and factors?

Prime factors are factors that are prime. For example, 13 is a prime number and 13 is a factor of 26. So that means 13 is a prime factor.

What is a prime factor for 13 to the power of 2?

It will be 13 because 13 is a prime number

What is the greatest prime factor of 52?

13 is the greatest prime factor of 52.

A number is a prime factor of 65 and 104?

A common prime factor of both 65 and 104 is 13.

How do you use a prime factor tree to solve 64?

You cannot "solve" a single number!

Is three a prime factor?

Yes. Any time three is a factor, it is a prime factor.

Is 13 and 24 relatively prime numbers?

As 13 is prime and is not a factor of 24, then they are relatively prime

What is the prime factorization of 169?

The 3 factors of 169 are 1, 13, and 169. The factor pairs of 169 are 1 x 169 and 13 x 13.The prime factors of 169 are 13 and 13.The prime factorization of 169 is 13 x 13 or, in exponential form, 132.Factor Tree:One way to determine the prime factors is to construct a factor tree, continuing to factor each level until all the numbers have been factored into prime numbers. 16913 x 13Since 13 is a prime number, the factor tree is complete.13 x 13