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Q: How do you solve radical equation and identify any extraneous roots?
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What is the difference between a radical equation and a quadratic equation?

radical equations have sq roots, cube roots etc. Quadratic equations have x2.

What are the steps to solving a radical equation?

Details may vary depending on the equation. Quite often, you have to square both sides of the equation, to get rid of the radical sign. It may be necessary to rearrange the equation before doing this, after doing this, or both. Squaring both sides of the equation may introduce "extraneous" roots (solutions), that is, solutions that are not part of the original equation, so you have to check each solution of the second equation, to see whether it is also a solution of the first equation.

What is a radical equation?

They are actually to the one half power. You can take a factor in the radical and sqrt it and put in on the outside... Ex. sqrt(28) = sqrt(4 * 7) = sqrt(22 * 7) = 2sqrt(7) sqrt(28) = 2 * sqrt(7)

What is an equation that has two radical expressions and no real roots?

It is simply an equation with non-rational solutions. There is no special name for it.

Which equation has roots of 3 and radical 2?

(x - 3) (x - square root of 2) = 0

What are radical terms?

A "radical" equation is an equation in which at least one variable expression is stuck inside a radical, usually a square root. The "radical" in "radical equations" can be any root, whether a square root, a cube root, or some other root. Most of the examples in what follows use square roots as the radical, but (warning!) you should not be surprised to see an occasional cube root or fourth root in your homework or on a test.

What type of roots does a mustard plant have?

Radical roots

What are radical plant roots?


What is simplest radical form?

Simplest radical form means simplifying a radical so that there are no more square roots, cube roots, 4th roots and such left to find. It also means removing any radicals in the denominator of a fraction.

What type of root does a mustard have?

Radical roots

How many roots does a quadratic equation in one variable have?

A quadratic equation has two roots. They may be similar or dissimilar. As the highest power of a quadratic equation is 2 , there are 2 roots. Similarly, in the cubic equation, the highest power is 3, so it has three equal or unequal roots. So the highest power of an equation is the answer to the no of roots of that particular equation.

What is radical expression?

an alg expression involving square roots, cube roots, etc