How do you solve vat question?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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There are several different methods of solution for a vat question.

The best one to choose really depends on what the question is.

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Q: How do you solve vat question?
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What is the answer to this algebra question and how do you solve it?

Showing the question would help to solve it.

How many types of vat?

The types of VAT........ 1 ) INPUT VAT @ 4 % 2 ) INPUT VAT @ 1 % 3 ) INPUT VAT @ 12.5 % 4 ) OUTPUT VAT @ 1 % 5 ) OUTPUT VAT @ 4 % 6 ) OUTPUT VAT @ 12.5 %

What is the VAT number to Israel?

The value added tax (VAT) in Israel is currently at 18%. This the standard rate and is used on most goods or services, imported or not.

Gross of vat and net of vat?

There is no such term as gross of VAT. The amount with VAT is called the gross amount while the net of VAT is the amount after the VAT has been deducted.

What is VAT output and VAT input?

VAT that is charged by a business and paid by its customers is known as "output VAT" (that is, VAT on its output supplies). VAT that is paid by a business to other businesses on the supplies that it receives is known as "input VAT

Is net of vat is the same with vat inclusive?

vat exclusive

Can you solve this question?


Do you pay vat if the customer is vat exempt?

no. because when customer is notpaing vat only he have vat exwmption only/

Calculate 15 percent vat in 545?

If the 545 is inclusive of VAT then the VAT element is 71.08, however if the 545 is exclusive of VAT then the VAT would be 81.75

How do you solve a pre-algebra question?

Depends on what the question is.

Can a vat vendor claim input vat on goods purchased from a non vat vendor?

Assuming that we are a registered VAT vendor, when we make a purchase from a non-VAT vendor we cannot claim any VAT input from the purchase due to the fact that no VAT was charged on the supply by the supplier who is a non-VAT vendor.

Do solve mean add?

solve means workout the answer to a math question