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Q: How many possible combinations can a 3-digit safe code have?
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How many number combinations are there in a swertres lotto?


What are the possible combinations for a 4 digit code?

Too many to list here-see below.

How many different combinations are possible using a 6 digit code?

if its not alphanumeric, 999999 variations

How many possible combinations can be made out of a code box that has 6 dials of 15 letters?

It depends on whether the order of the numbers is important or not. For example, if 123456 is seen as a different code to 213456 then there are many more possible solutions.If the order is unimportant, the number of possible combinations is equal tobinomial coefficient(15,6) = 5005If the order is important, then the number of possible permutations is equal to15! = ~1.3x1012

How many different combinations are possible from the union of 1 egg and 1 sperm?

There are millions of possible combinations.

How many possible combinations are there in a five diget code using each number only once?

The answer is five factoral (5!) which is 120.

How many different combinations of 4 are possible from 6 items?

If order doesn't matter, 15 combinations and if order does matter, 360 combinations are possible.

How many possible combinations is there with 1379?


How many possible chromosome combinations are there for the gametes of an organism with a haploid number equal to 4?

2^n possible combinations

How many possible combinations are there of 9 numbers from 20 drawn numbers?

There are 167960 combinations.

How many different number combinations are in the world?

Since a number can have infinitely many digits, there are infinitely many possible combinations.

If you flip a coin 2 times how many possible outcomes are there How many combinations?

Four outcomes, three combinations.