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Two times the number of outcomes of the spin - which is not specified in the question.

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Q: How many possible outcomes for one spin and one coin toss?
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How many possible outcomes are there when you toss a coin and spin the pointer on a spinner with 6 colors?

There are 12 possible outcomes.

How many possible outcomes are there when you toss a coin and spin the pointer on a spinner with 3 colors?

6 2 on the coin, 3 on the pointer: 2x3=6

There is a spinner wit 6 sections. If you spin it twice how many possible outcomes?

If a spinner has six possible outcomes, then there are 36 (62) permutations of outcomes from spinning it twice.

If you spin 2 spinners once how many possible outcomes are there?

To determine the amount of possible outcomes, there must be a number of sections for each spinner

How many outcomes are possible if you spin the spinner 3 times?

You need to know how many outcomes you have. Is the spinner composed of colors, numbers, names? What categories does the spinner have?

There is a spinner with three sections on it If you spin it four times how many possible outcomes are them?

this question is really hard!

How many outcomes are possible when you roll a 6 sided number cube and spin a spinner with 3 sections?


There is a spinner with three sections on it If you spin it four times how many possible outcomes are there?

You do 3x4!!! 3 options, and four times! Elementry!

What are the total possible outcomes if you spin a spinner with 3 equal sections numbered 1 to 3 four times?


How many possible outcomes are there when you toss a coin and spin the pointer on a spinner with 5 colors?

There are 10 possibilities. For every space on the spinner you land on, there are two other outcomes (heads and tails). Say the colors are Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple. Here would be the final outcomes. Blue - heads or tails Green - heads or tails Yellow - heads or tails Red - heads or tails Purple - heads or tails

How many outcomes are there if you spin three six sided number cubes?

216... there are 6 outcomes for each cube, so 6^3 is 216

How many possible outcomes are there if you spin a spinner with 4 equal sections numbered 1 through 4?


What is the outcome if a 4 section spinner if spun two times?

There are 16 possible outcomes. For the first spin, you can get red, yellow, green or blue. R, Y, G, B. Suppose the firt spin is Red, then you spin again and the final result could be one of Red-Red, Red-Yellow, Red-Green or Red-Blue. If your first spin gave a blue result, the the second would be one of Blue-Red, Blue-Yellow, Blue-Green or Blue-Blue. In all, there are 16 possible outcomes, and each is equally likely.

How many possibilities in toss a dice and spin a 2 color spinner and rolling a dice?

If you mean roll 2 dice and spin a 2 colour spinner, there would be a total of 72 outcomes.

What are all the possible outcomes when you spin a spinner two times and the spinner is one half red one fourth green and one fourth blue?

Nhan thooriya theettam nintappan vanneduthu thinnu

How many possible values are there for spin numbers?

the spin quantum number has only two possible values__(+ 1/2 & -1/2)

The same experiment was conducted 6 times. How many times should the results have been similar for them to be valid?

The answers are usually always valid. What may or may not be valid are your assumptions about the underlying model. Also, the number of times the results should be similar depends on the number of possible outcomes and the variability in the outcomes. For example, if you spin a fair spinner with 12 equal segments, then the probability of similar results is less than likely.

How Dow you use spin in a sentence?

Try to make the coin spin when you toss it.

Is it possible to spin on your head?

YES, it is possible

How many possible values are there for the spin quantum number?

two --- + 1/2 or - 1/2

How do you get laeds of star coins on msp?

To get the leads of star coin on MSP, get into your account and then spin your coin wheel at least once a day.

What invention made it possible to spin many threads at the same time?

The spinning mule, invented by James Arkwright :D

Can cell phone radiation spin a coin in a bowl?

No. There is no way it could possibly induce movement in a coin; to begin with, the signal is extremely weak.

How do you play bloody knuckles?

There are many ways to play. The first way is you take turns punching each others fist until one wusses out. Another is you spin a coin and you take turn flicking the coin and trying to keep it spinning, the person who makes it fall put there knuckles on the ground and the opponent throws the coin. The winner is the one who makes them bleed first or the one who doesn't quit. Also there is another one with a coin but when you spin it you take turns trying to stop it with one finger so it stands on its side.

How do you get coins on Free Realms?

Well the spin wheel witch is 'spin for the win!' can get you coins it gives a wheel where you get some thing free and one for the coin spin or play mini games or other games on free realms to earn them (: