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There are 18, but only 7 primitive ones. The rest are similar to the primitive triangles : for example (15, 50, 25) is similar to (3, 4, 5).

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Q: How many right-angled triangles are there with sides that are all integers less than 50 units?
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How many distinct equilateral triangles with a perimeter of 60 units have integer side lengths?

There is only one equilateral triangle with a perimeter of 60 units. Its side lengths are integers.

How do you draw a figure with a perimeter of 10 units?

An equilateral triangle with sides of 10/3 units, an isosceles triangle with 2 sides of a units and the third of 10-2a units (for any a<5), or several options for scalene triangles. A square or rhombus with sides of 2.5 units, or a rectangle or parallelogram with sides of b and 5-b units etc A regular pentagon with sides of 2 units. And so on.

How do you calculate perimeter of a square with only area known 81 and corresponding triangles on all side with perimeter of triangle is 30?

The sides of the square are 9 units so the sides of the triangles are 9, 10.5 and 10.5. This makes the perimeter of the shape 8 x 10.5 ie 84 units.

How different issosceles triangles of perimeter 25 units can be formed with all sides a whole number of units?

Three examples: 10, 10 and 5; 9,9 and 7; 8, 8 and 9

What is the opposite of the integers 3 units away from -7?


How many different triangles exist so that any side-length is less than 4 units long and the sum of all three sides is equal to 5?

Let's ignore 'triangles' with sides of length zero. I assume that you mean triangles with sides of whole-number length; otherwise, the possibilities are infinite. The sides have to add to five. There are only two ways of doing this: 1 + 1 + 3 1 + 2 + 2 Both of these possibilities satisfy the other constraint mentioned in the question.

How long are the diagonals of a 9 x 12 rectangular picture frame?

According to the "3-4-5" law of right triangles, if the two sides of the triangle are 3 units and 4 units, the hypotenuse must be 5 units. So a diagonal must be 15 inches. The sides are 3 * 3 and 3 * 4, so the diagonal is 3 * 5.

How do you draw a triangle with an area of 16 square units?

A = bh/2 2A = bh 2(16) = bh 32 = bh I would like to use integers, so the possibilities for the base and height are 1 and 32, 2 and 16, 4 and 8 units, or vice verse. Always, it's your choice how to use them in order to draw different kind of triangles, such as right, scalene, or obtuse triangles.

What are the opposite integers 3 units away from -7?


Suppose that and are corresponding sides of similar triangles If AB 6 and the scale factor is 3 what is EF?

I assume the corresponding sides are AB and EF, and EF is a side of the larger (second) triangle. scale factor 3 means each length of the second is 3 times as long as the first. ⇒ if AB = 6 units, EF = 3 x 6 units = 18 units.

What is the integers of 31 units to the left of 0?


What units of measure do we use in measuring the area of triangles and parallelograms?

Surface area is measured in square units.