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There are many more buses than passenger airplanes, so even though buses can be safer per passenger mile, there are more bus crashes.

You WAY more likely to be in a bus crash, then in a plane crash.

thousands, and thousands of car/automobile's crash every year.

And only about a few hundred plane's crash a year.

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Q: What is more likely to happen - a bus crash or a plane crash?
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Are you more likely to die in a car crash or plane crash?

Today as the roads are more crowded it is in a car that is more likely.

Are you more likely to die in a plain crash or a collapsing bridge?

plane crash only because even a small electronic malfunction can cause a plane to crash a bride is just steel and iron not much can go wrong there

Which are you more likely to survive a plane crash or a car crash?

Car crash. Sadly, its true. Planes rarely crash but depending on where the crash is it can give you almost no chance of surviving, like the oceans. Less people die from car crashes then plane crashes a year, but don't worry about it. The chance of being in a crashing plane are 1 in 11 million, so if your going on a plane ride, don't worry.

How much more likely is a car crash to happen on wet roads?

50/50 really if you think about it depends on the driver.

What is more probable car or plane crash?

A car crash is much more probable than a plane crash if you take into consideration how many people will travel by car per day compared to the number who will travel by air; take into consideration how many cars with how many drivers are likely to make a mistake compared to the number of planes and flight crews.

How much more likely are you to die in motorbike crash then a car crash?

who more likelly to die bike or car crash

What were the 2 planes that crash into the twin towers?

It did happen 2 planes crashed into the towers everyone on the plane died but not more than 1300 survived in the tower

Who made the plane crash on 11 9 2001?

The people who took over the plane, more specifically the person piloting the plane.

Your son is afraid that the plane will crash while he is in it and you need some proof that it is not going to crash?

Your son has been watching to many shows and tell him that you will have to go in a plane everyday for 24 hours a day for 15,000 years then and if you are going a short distance tell him it will be alright.Tell your son the following facts:-Most plane crashes happen during take off and landing-Most plane crashes are caused by pilot error-Most plane crashes occur in the months of September and December.-The odds of getting killed in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million-The majority of plane crash survivors were sitting in the rear half of the plane-Car accidents kill more people each year then the total amount of people who have died in plane crashes.-Most people believe that traveling by car is safer than a plane (it's not)-Large planes are safer than smaller planes-You're more likely to die on the way to the airport than on the plane.

Driver or passenger more likely to die in a crash?


What happened in Plane Crash March 16 1991?

Reba McEntire band dies in crash. See related link. It was a private plane. You can also find more details by searching the internet.

How much more likely are motorcyclists to die in car crash?

their chances are better because its a car crash

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