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degrees = pi/180

180 degrees = pi

.33pi = .33 times 180 = 60 degrees

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Q: How to determine theta in degrees if theta equals 0.33PI?
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Sin equals 0.9?

If sin(theta) is 0.9, then theta is about 64 degrees or about 116 degrees.

What is cosine 2 theta when sine theta equals .28?

If sine theta is 0.28, then theta is 16.26 degrees. Cosine 2 theta, then, is 0.8432

Given tan Theta equals negative 15 divided by 8 and 90 degrees is less than or equal to theta which is less than or equals to 180 state 5 other trigonometric ratios and determine the measure of theta?

sin(theta) = 15/17, cosec(theta) = 17/15 cos(theta) = -8/17, sec(theta) = -17/8 cotan(theta) = -8/15 theta = 2.0608 radians.

What is the degree of tangent theta equals negative three?

determine the degree of -3

Can sine theta equals tan theta equals theta be equal for small angels?

Yes. (Theta in radians, and then approximately, not exactly.)

How do you figure this out Sin theta equals 0.0138 so theta equals what?

theta = arcsin(0.0138) is the principal value.

What is 2 thetasin theta equals cos theta?

It is a simple trigonometric equation. However, without information on whether the angles are measures in degrees or radians, and with no domain for theta, the equation cannot be solved.

Tan theta plus cot theta equals 2csc2 theta?

Yes, it is.

Find all angles in the interval 0 360 satisfying the equation cos theta equals 0.7902?

cos(theta) = 0.7902 arcos(0.7902) = theta = 38 degrees you find complimentary angles

How do you calculate Sin theta equals 13 times sin 32 degrees divided by 8?

sin (theta) = [13* sin (32o)]/8 = 13*0.529919264/8 = 0.861118804 [theta] = sin-1 (0.861118804) [theta] = 59.44o

What is value of sin theta when theta equal to 13.9222?

answer is 2.34 degrees answer is 2.34 degrees

What is the sin theta of 30 degrees?

Sin theta of 30 degrees is1/2

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