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In price tags, Doces of medicine, Taxes, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Division, Averages, Measurments, Weight.

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How do you use decimals in daily life?

Well, decimals can be used for voting.

Do you use decimals in your daily life?


Use decimals in your daily life?

price of goods

How are decimals part of your daily life?

decimals are a part of our daily life because they are used to separate dollars from cents.

How you use decimals in your daily lives?

money uses decimals

When do you use decimals in life?

You can use decimals in money.

How you use decimals in real life?

How you use decimals in real life.We use decimals when buying a grocery items in the market. Example the price of potato is $20.19.

Where do you apply decimals in your daily life?

Any time you receive change.

How do people use decimals in there daily lives?

money, medicine

How can you use decimals in daily life?

When you go shopping you have to deal with the whole amount and partial amount. If your in London, you have Pound's (£) and Penny's (p).

Can you find five different ways to use decimals?

five different ways u can use decimals in our daily life is 1. Money 2. weight 3. landscaping 4. measurements 5. medicine doses

A good way to explain on how do you use decimals in your everyday life?

You use decimals on a daily basis when you handle money - if you live in a country that has cents, pennies, or something similar. The pennies are simply decimals of the larger unit - for example, in the United States, 57 cents are US$ 0.57.

What do you use in life that has to do with decimals?


How does a daily hobby use decimals?

Something like counting money

Were do you use decimals in life?

Decimals are used in money. There is a real difference between a 1.99 and 199.00.

How you use angles in your daily life?

angles in our daily life

Compounds in daily life?

compound are use for our daily life because it is our basic needs in our daily life

What is uses of geometry in daily life?

daily life use in geomatry

A story on use of maths in your daily life?

a story of maths on topic use of maths in our daily life

What elements do you use daily in life?

we use the elements in daily life are breathing,blinking, landscaping, painting,designing

Can you use a microscope in your daily life?

No, I don't own one so I can't use one in my daily life.

What are ways people use decimals in everday life?

counting money

How do you use decimals in life?

In most countries, you will use them when you handle money, as in $2.50. Quantities on products are also sometimes expressed in decimals, e.g. "1.5 kilograms" or "2.2 liters".

What are the use of chemicals in daily life?

chemicals are filled in nature. we use daily. eg are soap

How do we use decimals in the pressure of gravity?

gravity use decimals by