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If an object is travelling 100 meters in 1400 seconds, then it is travelling (100 / 1400) or about 0.0714 meters per second.

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Q: If a car is traveling 100 meters in 1400 seconds how fast is it traveling?
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How fast is a bullet traveling if it cover 1000m in 3 seconds?

It depends on what you mean by "how fast?" A bullet that covers 1000m in 3 seconds is travelling 333.33333333 meters per second.

To pass a truck a car initially traveling 25 meters per second accelerates at a constant rate of 3 meters per second squared after 6 seconds how fast is the car traveling?

That's easy, if the car is initially traveling at 25 meters per second and gradually accelerates 3 meters per second for 6 seconds then the car is traveling at 43 meters per second.

How fast would I be going if I traveled 100 meters in 30 seconds?

If you traveled 100 meters in 30 seconds, then you would be traveling at 3.333... meters per second, or 200 meters per minute, or 12 kilometers per hour (7.45 miles/hour).

How fast is 400 meters in 20 seconds?

400 meters in 20 seconds = 44.74 mph

How fast is 1400 rpm?

1400 RPM is 1400 revolutions per minute, or about 23.33 revolutions per second, or about 0.04286 seconds per revolution.

How fast 1000 meters in 60.6 seconds mph?

1000 meters in 60.6 seconds = 36.91 mph

What is mph for 9.63 seconds at 100 meters?

Fast Real Fast

A cheetah runs 900 meters in 30 seconds how fast is it going?

900 meters/30 seconds = 30 meters/second

You ride your bike 200 m in 25 s your friend skates 400 m in 40 seconds Who is traveling faster and how fast is that person traveling?

my Friend is 5sec faster per 200 meters

Is it fast to be 13 and run 100 meters in 12.2 seconds?

Yes, it is very fast because the average for a thirteen year-old in 40 meters is about 7 seconds

How fast can a gorilla run in 25 meters?

6 seconds

How fast is 6.130 seconds in MPH for 100 meters?


How fast can a lion run 100 meters?

2.5 seconds

How fast is javier hernandez at 100 meters?

12.6 seconds, walcott runs in 10.3 seconds

Who is fester 10 meters in 5 seconds or 20 meters in 10 seconds?

both are just as fast although the one going 10 meters in five seconds is probably accelerating faster...

4.5 meters in 9 seconds how fast in kilometers per hour?

4.5 meters in 9 seconds is 1.8 kilometers per hour.

How fast will you tavel if you are running 40 meters in 3 seconds?

Use the formula: Speed = distance / time. If you divide meters / seconds, the speed will obviously be in meters/second.

How fast is traveling 5000 feet in 30 seconds?

This equates to approximately 113.64 mph

How fast can a panthera onca run?

100 meters in 7.1 seconds

How fast are you running mph 300 meters in 58 seconds?


How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo run 30 meters?

0.57 seconds

Can electric meters run fast?

100m in 11.2 seconds :D

How fast can Frank Ribery run 100 meters?

11.8 seconds

How fast can theo walcott run 100 meters?

9 seconds

5.8 seconds hundred meters equals how fast in hundred yards?

5.3 seconds for 100 yards.