Is -1 odd number

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Is -1 odd number
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Is the number 1 an odd or even number?

The number 1 is an odd number.

Is 1 an odd number or an even number?

Answer:1 is an odd number If you need to learn math go to the web site in the link below

Can the sum of 1 odd number and 1 even number be even?

No. The sum of 1 odd number and 1 even number must always be odd.

Is the number 1 and odd or even number?


What is the 100 odd number?

199 The first odd number is 1 The second odd number is 3 The rth odd number is thus 2r - 1 Thus the 100th odd number is 2 x 100 - 1 = 199.

What is smallest odd number?

The smallest odd number is 1.

What is the 1000th odd number?

1 is the 1st odd number 3 is the 2nd odd number 5 is the 3rd odd number and so on 7 is the 4th odd number and so on if x is the 1000th odd number then x=2*1000-1=1999

What is the 102nd odd number?

The nth odd number is 2n - 1 So 102nd odd number is 2*102 - 1 = 204 - 1 = 203

If 1 is the first odd number what is the 400th odd number?

799 would be the 400th odd number even if '1' were not the first one.

Is 1 and odd or even number?


Why when you multiply an odd number with another odd number the result is a odd number?

yes, the product of 2 odd numbers is always an odd number. Well, the question is why. The first number is "even" + 1. Multiply both of these by your odd number. Now the "even" times "odd" is even, because every "1" in the odd number becomes a "2". And then the remaining 1 times "odd" must be odd, which is an even +1. Add it all up and you get evens everywhere except that final "1". So the result is even + 1 which is odd. There is a quicker way if you know how to multiply bracketed terms: odd x odd = (even + 1)x(even +1)= even x even +even +even +1 = must be odd.

Why is when you subtract 1 from the square of an odd number it is even?

An odd number multiplied by another odd number will always equal an odd number. Therefore odd2 = odd x odd = odd number. eg 32 = 3 x 3 = 9. Take away 1 and you will have on even number.