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Q: Is a ground wire required on a church fiberglass steeple?
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Can you drain a fiberglass in ground swimming pool?

No!!! Under no circumstances should you drain a fiberglass in-ground pool. Unlike the standard in-ground pool, the fiberglass pool base is unreinforced concrete or other hard surface material that was applied directly to the soil in a thin layer. It is only there to allow the fiberglass to be sprayed on and form a hard shell. The weight of the water is what holds the fiberglass in place. If you drain the pool without refilling it immediately, you will allow external ground pressures and/or ground water to buckle the sides or bottom and you will have the fiberglass completely redone.

Are fiberglass pools usually above-ground pools?

No, they are usually in-ground. Many prefer fiberglass for it's lower cost, easier maintenance, and better algae control.

Is fiberglass steps better than concrete steps for an in ground pool?

No, because fiberglass can make you slip unlike concrete steps

I am interested in in-ground fiberglass pools, is there a website where I can get further information on them?

Here is a company that specializes in building inground fiberglass pools and spas:

What are the pros and cons between a fiberglass pool vs a liner in a ground pool?

go with vinyl... fiberglass are plain with a vinyl u can go "custom" shape and liner pattern... with fiberglass u get what they make and that's it.

When was Christ Church Ground created?

Christ Church Ground was created in 1829.

What exactly does fiberglass swimming pool mean?

The in-ground pools are prefabricated. The bodies are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. This is an alternative to vinyl-lined, gunite and poured concrete pools.

Can fiberglass pools be above ground?

Generally no, as that material cannot take the weight exerted against it.

When was Church Road Cricket Ground created?

Church Road Cricket Ground was created in 1938.

When was Camp Ground Methodist Church created?

Camp Ground Methodist Church was created in 1860.

Why did your fiberglass pool pop out of the ground?

Fibreglass pools will pop if the surrounding earth is saturated with water and the water table forces the empty shell from the ground.

What are other choices if you are not able to get financed for a fiberglass pool?

there are aluminum pools, steel pools if they are above ground and they also have cement in ground pools that they build in your yard.

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