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No, or more accurately "not necessarily".

A negative to any even power is positive. -2, -4, -6 etc. are even, so a negative number raised to any of those powers will be positive.

However, a negative number raised to an odd negative power (-1, -3, -5 etc.) will be negative.

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Q: Is a negative to a negative power positive?
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What is negative seven in Parentheses to the second power?

positive 49 Because a negative times a negative is a positive. -7*-7=49. positive * positive = positive negative * negative= positive positive * negative = Negative

A negative number raised to an even power will be positive or negative?


What is a negative to negative a power?

negative multiplied by negative would be positive

Is 5 to the negative 2 power a positive or negative number?

it is positive =1/25

Will a negative number to the fifth power be a positive or a negative value?


What are some negative and positive impacts about enviromental technology?

negative: it uses power. Positive: you can google how to save the Envroment and save power

What is negative integer to the tenth power?

It will be the same as its positive counterpart to the tenth power.

What is negative and positive aspect of Political Power?

"Positive power" is the power to create legislation (such as that held by the U.S. Congress). "Negative power" is the power to veto legislation (such as that held by the U.S. President).

Is the number positive if the power is negative?

It does not work that way. A negative power is simply the reciprocal. So that x-a = 1/xa The reciprocal is negative or positive according to whether the number itself is negative or positive. [And, if the number is 0, the reciprocal is not defined.]

Which wire is positive or negative in hot power lithium polymer battery?

Red is positive, Black is the negative

Is it possible power factor shown in negative?

Yes, power factor can be negative. That is the case of a generator. Power factor is the cosine of the phase angle between voltage and current, and the cosine can be positive or negative.AnswerNo. Power factor can be 'leading' or 'lagging', but it cannot be 'negative' or 'positive'.

Will a negative number to the fifth power be a positive or negative value?

The result will be a negative value.

Is a positive plus a negative make a positive or a negative?

Positive + Negative = Negative Negative + Negative = Positive Positive + Positive = Positive Negative + Positive = Negative

Is 8.5 greater than negative 10 to the power of 3?

Please consider the following two facts: A negative number to an even power is positive; but a negative number to an odd power is negative. Any positive number is greater than any negative number.

Differentiate between the terms reversed polarity and normal polarity?

Normal polarity is for the power to normally go from positive to negative, reverse polartity is to change the positive to a negative and the negative to a positive so the power goes the other way.

What is the positive of nuclear power plant?

what is negative of the nuclear power plant

Why does negative one to the fourth power equal negative one?

It doesn't. Negative one to an even power equals positive one. Negative one to an odd power equals negative one.

The decrease in the Pharaohs power had a positive or negative effect on Egypt?

positive i think

What do you Mean dual tracking power supply?

It's a power supply with a positive and negative voltage, where one of the voltages tracks the other. For example: the negative voltage tracks the positive. If you regulate the positive to 15v, the negative is going to be -15v. This allows very precise symmetric power.

How is dividing integers similar to multiplying integers with the resulting sign?

The rules for the sign (positive or negative) of the result of a multiplication is the same as division. For multiplication: Positive * Positive --> Positive Positive * Negative --> Negative Negative * Positive --> Negative Negative * Negative --> Positive For division: Positive / Positive --> Positive Positive / Negative --> Negative Negative / Positive --> Negative Negative / Negative --> Positive

Negative plus a positive?

Negatives and Positives Positive + Positive = Positive Negative + Negative = Positive Negative + Positive = Negative Positive + Negative = Negative

If a negative is divided by a positive is it negative?

Yes. Negative/negative = positive Postive/Positive = positive Negative/Positive - negative

When multiplying numbers what do you do with the positive and negative signs?

Negative * positive = negative Positive * positive = positive Negative * negative = positive

The product of two or more numbers is a?

a multiple, as follows:positive * positive = positivepositive * negative = negativenegative * negative = positivemore than 2 numbers:positive * positive * positive = positivepositive * positive * negative = negativepositive * negative * negative = positivenegative * negative * negative = negativeand so on...also, (any number) * 0 = 0

Is -1 raised to the power of 100 negative or positive?

The answer is negative (-1 raised to the power of 100 = -1)