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Yes a 2 by 6 rectangle for example.

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Q: Is it possible to make a shape of an area of 12 and a perimeter of 16?
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Is it possible to make a shape with an area of 9 and a perimeter of 14?


Why isn't it possible to make a shape with 18 area and 20 perimeter?

Actually it is possible.

Can you make a shape with 18 area and 20 perimeter?

Yes if you

Is it possible to make a shape with 28 perimeter and 18 area?

Yes. Use excel with 18 boxes. Offsetting the boxes will get you the right answer.

How do you make a shape with 18 area and 20 perimeter?

a 4*5 rectangle.

What shape has a bigger area and a smaller perimeter?

Bigger than what ? Smaller than what ? If you have a certain perimeter and you want to cram the most area inside it, or if you have a certain area and you want to enclose it in the shortest perimeter, then you must make the perimeter circular. If you have only a limited number of fence posts and a circular perimeter isn't practical, then you make the perimeter square.

Is it possible to make a shape with 20 perimeter and 18 area?

No, because you would need a calculation os 3 to make a calculation of 6, and 18 and 20 aren't friendly to one another!

Is the perimeter of a polygon less than the area of the polygon?

if your perimeter totals the same as 4 times pi then the maximum area that can be encompassed is equal to the perimeter. This is done by forming a circle. if you change the shape of the circle then the area will become smaller than the perimeter(circumference) if you make the circumference of the circle smaller then you will definitely decrease the area faster than you would the perimeter if you make the perimeter bigger then you will definitely increase the area faster than you would the perimeter.

Is it possible to make a shape out of the area of 16 and a perimeter of 15?

Yes but not a square (or rectangle). A quadrilateral with an area of 16 sq units must have sides of at least 4 units and so a perimeter of at least 16 units. However, a circle of perimeter 15 units will enclose an area of 17.905 sq units (to 3 dp) so an ellipse of 15 units' perimeter will meet the requirements.

How do you draw a shape with the same area and perimeter?

To draw a shape with the same area and perimeter, decide what shape you want to draw, then take the equations for area and perimeter and make them equal, and then solve what the various side lengths have to be. For instance, the area of a square is L2 where L is the side length, and the perimeter of a square is Lx4 We want them equal, so L2=Lx4 Dividing both sides by L gives us L=4, so if I draw a square with side length 4, it will have the same area and perimeter.

Is it possible for a rectangle to have an area of 42 and a perimeter of 46?

Make it 2 wide and 21 long and you've got it.

Is the perimeter of a shape the same as the length of a shape?

No because it depends on ur shap.....becaus the length helps u make ur perimeter

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