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If you're ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the breaker is off... no problem. Cut them all at once if you like.

However, just as many people have been shot with an "unloaded gun", many people have been electrocuted by a circuit that was shut off.

If you use lineman pliers that have an insulated handle, (don't touch the metal part) and the somehow the breaker DIDN'T get shut off, you'll be startled, the lineman pliers will be destroyed and there will be a puff of smoke to let you know that it was the"other" breaker.

As always, if you don't know exactly what you're doing, hire a professional.

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Q: Is it safe to cut through all the wires at the same time in a 14-2 romex wire while the main breaker is shut off?
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what wire is ground white or black?

Neither, the ground will be bare copper in lumex/romex or green when wired in single wires through pipe.

What are wires covered in?

The wire is covered in a rubberized plastic and it called Romex

Can you run Romex through a wire mold?

The key is that you don't want to cause over-heating in wire. The answer is you can probably do what you want unless it involves high current and a small cross section in wire mold such that the Romex could generate too much heat. You could always strip out the wires inside the Romex and just run them in the wire mold.

How do you replace a 20 amp double pole circuit breaker?

Turn the main breaker off. Disconnect the two wires connected to the existing breaker. Remove that breaker and install the new one. Connect the 2 wires to the new breaker.

What type of wire has three connectors?

Household wire called romex has ground, neutral and hot wires.

Can 2 lengths of 14 Ga romex be used to make a 30 A circuit?

No, electrical wires can only be run in parallel on wire sizes 1/0 and larger. To supply a load of 30 amps you will need #10 wire and a 30 amp breaker.

Can two wires enter a breaker box through same hole?

I believe it is, as long as the wires are the same size i.e. 2 12/2s or 2 14/2s.

Is it safe to have two black wires two white wires and two ground wires on a single breaker?

Hopefully just the black wires are on the breaker. Two circuits on one breaker. Shouldn't be a problem. It would depend on how many outlets or lights were on the breaker in total. Even then, there is very little chance of something drawing current from every outlet at the same time. The only thing is you can't put two wires under one breaker (by code). You would have to wire nut them with a pig-tail then just put the one wire under the breaker.

What protects all wires coming out of panel box?

Romex plastic insulator or metal clamp type insulator.

What are the different types of household wires called?

Most household wiring is type NM cable, sometimes referred to as Romex.

Found 2 wires on a single circuit breaker why?

If it was two wires under one screw on a single-pole breaker, that would not be proper, and most probably against electrical code.If it was two wires, each under their own screw on a double-pole breaker, then that would be a 220 volt circuit; each wire going to its own "leg" of the breaker panel.

A small appliance circuit will be protected by a circuit breaker rated at?

A small appliance circuit will be protected by a circuit breaker rated at 15 amps if the circuit wires are #14. If the circuit wires are #12 then a 20 amp circuit breaker could be used.

What conduit is used in a residential residence with 15 amp wires?

You need no conduit on a residential home using Romex wiring with wooden studs. For a 15 amp circuit use 14/2 wire with a 15 amp breaker. This can only be used in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas. All other areas of the home require 12/2 wiring with a 20 amp breaker.

Must wires be connected to breaker box?

It should be connected to circuit breaker. Circuit breaker will automatically discontinue the flow of electricity if it detects faulty condition.

Is it a fire hazard to double land wires on a breaker?


What flows through wires that are hooked to a battery?

Electrons flow through wires that are hooked to a battery. The battery's negative terminal repels the electrons, while the positive terminal attracts them.

How can you tell if the wires in your home are copper or aluminium?

Shut the main breaker off on your distribution panel. Remove the cover. Look at the colour of the wires that are connected to the breakers. If they are silver in colour then they are aluminum wires. If they are copper in colour then they are copper wires. Replace the panel cover and turn the main breaker back on.

Why is insulation used on a wire?

Insulation is used to prevent contact with other metallic objects, such as other wires. This helps to prevent short circuits. Two common wires used in residences are Romex (NM-non-metallic) and BX (flexible metal covering). Romex is usually required in areas of high corrosion content, such as near bodies of water. If BX were to be used, it would quickly corrode and lose its protection. Romex has been around since 1922!

How do you wire an ark fault circuit breaker?

install breaker in panel and put the hot wire on the breaker and also there should be a place for the neutral on the breaker also both wires will be landed on the breaker in different spots and then take the white wire that is coiled on breaker and land it on the neutral bar

How many wires meter to breaker panel?

4 wires. 2 hot legs, 1 neutral leg, and 1 ground wire.

What does a circuit breaker do for the safety of a house?

A circuit breaker sets a limit on the amount of amperage that can be applied to the circuit's conductor. This is why wires and breakers have amperage ratings. The wires ampacity is matched to the breakers ampacity. If there is a higher that normal amperage capacity, than what the wire is rated for, the breaker will trip the circuit open.

Christmas light are causing the 15amp circuit breaker to trip and Circuit Panel is full Can I upgrade to a twin circuit breaker without installing a subpanel?

Your only hope is that someone wired the box not to code and that there are two wires going into the offending breaker. If you can't separate wires you can't distribute the load.

Do you choose a breaker for wire or equipment protection?

Overcurrent current protection is for the wires

What is pink romex used for?

Electric heat, heat rated insulation on wires, and instead of blk & whi colored wires under the pink sheath they are identified with a red & blk signaling that it's a 220v system.

What is wire standard 60hz 220v ac cable?

many wires are. such as 14-2 Romex. 12-2 Romex. Any THHN wire of any size. This list is very long. If you have a speific application then you need to check the NEC 2005 Table 310.13 Conductor Applications and Insulations.