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No, it is not.

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Q: Is the set -1 closed with respect to multiplication?
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What operations is the set -1 0 1 closed to A Addition B Division C Multiplication D Subtraction?


Why is the set of -1 0 and 1 closed under multiplication?

Because the product of any two elements is also an element of the set.

Is the set of all negative numbers closed under the operation of multiplication Explain why or why not?

No. For a set to be closed with respect to an operation, the result of applying the operation to any elements of the set also must be in the set. The set of negative numbers is not closed under multiplication because, for example (-1)*(-2)=2. In that example, we multiplied two numbers that were in the set (negative numbers) and the product was not in the set (it is a positive number). On the other hand, the set of all negative numbers is closed under the operation of addition because the sum of any two negative numbers is a negatoive number.

Is the set of all complex numbers x that have absolute value 1 closed under multiplication?

of course!

Is the set of whole numbers with 31 removed closed under the operation of multiplication?

No. Since -1 x -31 (= 31) would not be in the set.

Are odd numbered sets closed under addition and multiplication?

No. 1 + 3 = 4, which is not odd. In fact, no pair of odds sums to an odd. So the set is not closed under addition.

Is The set 0 1 and multiplication closed?

Since that's a fairly small set, you should be able to check all combinations (for 2 numbers, there are only 4 possible multiplications), and see whether the result is in the set.

What are the 5 kinds of identity of multiplication?

For any set of numbers, with the normal operation of multiplication defined on the set, there is only one identity, and that is 1.

Can you find a set of numbers that is closed under division and answer why?

-1, 1 is a set of numbers that is closed under division. The rule is if you divide among you end up with a quotient that is in the set. 1/-1 or -1/1 = -1 (-1 is in the set)

Is 1 the identity element or a whole number?

1 is a whole number. It is the identity element with respect to multiplication but not addition.

Which set is closed under the given operation 1 integers under division 2 negative integers under subtraction 3 odd integers under multiplication?

1 No. 2 No. 3 Yes.

In the set of rational numbers what is the identity element for multiplication?

1 is the identity for multiplication. 1*x = x = x*1 for all rational x.

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