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Their sum is real.

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Q: Is the sum of a complex number and its conjugate a real or imaginary number?
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What is the conjugate of a real number?

Since the imaginary portion of a real number is zero, the complex conjugate of a real number is the same number.

What is the relationship between a complex number and its conjugate?

When a complex number is multiplied by its conjugate, the product is a real number and the imaginary number disappears.

Does every real number equal its complex conjugate?

Yes they do, complex conjugate only flips the sign of the imaginary part.

Is the difference of a complex number and its conjugate a real imaginary or pure imaginary number?

It is a pure imaginary number.Since (a+bi)-(a-bi) = 2bi, it is a pure imaginary number (it has no real component).

What is self conjugate of complex number?

Aamir jamal; All real numbers are complex numbers with 0 as its imaginary part.A real number is self-conjugate. e.g;a+0i self conjugate =a-0i i=iota

What is the meaning of Complex conjugate reflection?

For a complex number (a + bi), its conjugate is (a - bi). If the number is graphically plotted on the Complex Plane as [a,b], where the Real number is the horizontal component and Imaginary is vertical component, the Complex Conjugate is the point which is reflected across the real (horizontal) axis.

Define conjugate number?

A conjugate number refers to a complex number having both the imaginary and real parts of opposite signs and equal magnitude.

What is the graphical relationship between a conjugate number and a complex number?

Graphically, the conjugate of a complex number is its reflection on the real axis.

Conjugate and a complex number equal?

The conjugate will have equal magnitude. The angle from the real axis will be the same angle measure (but opposite direction).

How can you simplify a complex fraction?

Multiply top and bottom by the complex conjugate of the bottom complex number; this will make the bottom complex number into a real number which can then be made into fractions and simplified with the real part and the imaginary part (the multiplier of i [√-1]) of the multiplied out top number.

What is the complex conjugate of -3-9i?

For any number (a + bi), its conjugate is (a - bi), so the real part stays the same, and the imaginary part is negated.For this one, conjugate of [-3 - 9i] is: -3 + 9i

Is the product of a complex number and its conjugate a real number?

Yes. If you multiply X + iY by X - iY you get X2 + Y2. The imaginary parts cancel out.