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Given a complex number z = a + bi, the conjugate z* = a - bi, so z + z*= a + bi + a - bi = 2*a. Note that a and b are both real numbers, and i is the imaginary unit: +sqrt(-1).

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Q: The sum of a complex number and its conjugate?
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Is the sum of a complex number and its conjugate a real or imaginary number?

Their sum is real.

Is the sum of two conjugate complex number a real number?

Not necessarily. It can be wholly imaginary.For example, 1 + i actually has two complex conjugates. Most schools will teach you that the complex conjugate is 1 - i. However, -1 + i is also a conjugate for 1 + i. (Their product is -1 times the product of the "normal" conjugate pair).The sum of 1 + i and -1 + i = 2i

What is the graphical relationship between a conjugate number and a complex number?

Graphically, the conjugate of a complex number is its reflection on the real axis.

What is the relationship between a complex number and its conjugate?

When a complex number is multiplied by its conjugate, the product is a real number and the imaginary number disappears.

What is the complex conjugate of the following complex number 7 plus 5i?

The conjugate is 7-5i

What is complex conjugate for the number 9-5i?

The conjugate is 7 - 3i is 7 + 3i.

What is the meaning of Complex conjugate reflection?

For a complex number (a + bi), its conjugate is (a - bi). If the number is graphically plotted on the Complex Plane as [a,b], where the Real number is the horizontal component and Imaginary is vertical component, the Complex Conjugate is the point which is reflected across the real (horizontal) axis.

Conjugate and a complex number equal?

The conjugate will have equal magnitude. The angle from the real axis will be the same angle measure (but opposite direction).

What is the complex conjugate complex number-8-6i?


If a and b are any real numbers what is the conjugate of a plus b?

The concept of conjugate is usually used in complex numbers. If your complex number is a + bi, then its conjugate is a - bi.

Does every real number equal its complex conjugate?

Yes they do, complex conjugate only flips the sign of the imaginary part.

What is the conjugate of a real number?

Since the imaginary portion of a real number is zero, the complex conjugate of a real number is the same number.

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