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Yes, there are several. using the square root sign is the most common, but for some purposes using the power of half - i.e. x0.5 - is easier to think about.

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Q: Is there an algebraic way to write the square root of x?
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Is there an algebraic way to write the square root of x is greater than x?

Sqroot x > x if x<1.

Is -169 a square root?

Square roots are + or - . So the best way to write this square root is ± 169.

Is the square root of 2 written in surd form?

That is the only way to write it exactly.

Who many way can you write the square root of 48?

The square root of 48 can be written as 48 with a square root sign over it, 48 to the 1/2 power, a decimal equivalent (6.92...), or simplified as 4 square-roots of 3.

What is the sign of the square root of -1?

In the same way that the square root of 25 can be -5 OR +5, the square root of -1 is -i or +i.

How do you simplify square root of 72 and square root of 2?

Well, there technically is not a way to simplify the square root of 2, but the simplified version of the square root of 72 is 6 square root 2

What is the algebraic expression for z times 19?

The normal way to write z times 19 in an algebraic expression is 19z.

How do you write the square root of 27 as a power of three?

since 27=3x3x3=33 then 27.5 which is just another way of saying the square root of 27, then 27.5=3(3)(.5)=31.5

How do you find the square root of 225?

The same way you find the square root of any number. The fastest way would be to type 225, followed by the square root key, in a calculator.

Why do you square the deviation and find the square root of the sum of the square root?

because ur supposed to do it thAt way buddy

What is the square root of 40 plus 9?

Square root(40) = 6.3 6.3 + 9 = 15.3 Unless you mean it this way (square root of 49): Square root(49) = 7.0

What is the square root of 450?

One easy way to find out the answer to almost any math question, is to write it in your Google search bar. All you have to write is "square root of 450" and Google will give you an exact answer. This also works for multiplication etc. You can also write it out with words and get the same response. Hope this helps!

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