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No, there are infinitely many: all the natural numbers.

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Q: Is there only one whole number that is a natural number?
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How many whole numbers are not natural number?

only one whole number is not a natural number and it is 0

Is there is only one whole number that is not a rational number?

The only non-natural whole number is 0.

Is negative one third an integer whole number or natural number?

It is a whole number.

1 is part of whole number natural nubmer?

A whole number is one without a decimal or fraction, and a natural number is any positive integer, so this is both a whole number and an integer.

Is there only one number that is not a natural number?


What is the greatest whole number of 621860?

There is only one whole number in 621860 and that is 621860.

Is 4 over 11 a natural number?

No. The natural numbers are the counting numbers {1, 2, 3, ....} and every one of them is a whole number. 4/11 is a fraction (rational number) which is not [also a whole number], thus it cannot be a natural number.

What is a natural number and prime number?

a natural number is a number that is typically a whole number excluding the 0 So, from least to greastest: 1,2,3,4,5,6...,infinity a prime number is one that is only divisible by 1 and the number itself least to greatest: 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,...etc.

Which is the only natural number that has exactly one factor?

One is.

Does every whole number have a whole number reciprocal?

no. only one can have a whole number recipical. all the others have a fraction recipical

Is -23 a whole number or a integers?

It is a whole number and an integer but, since it is only one number, it cannot be "a integers"!

Which has any natural number that has no predecessor?

So basically if your questions says 'What natural number has no predecessor ' it will be 1 because behind one is 0 which is a whole number but not a natural number .So the answer will be 1.

Which whole number only has a single factor?


What does Natural Number mean?

The natural numbers are positive integers (whole numbers) starting from one. So, the first natural number is 1, the second natural number is 2, the third is 3, and so on.

Is 1.68 natural or whole?

No. 1.68 is not a natural number or a whole number. "Natural" numbers are the counting numbers . . . one, two, three, four . . . 1.68 is not one of them. "Whole" numbers are the integers . . . the natural numbers, their negatives, and zero. 1.68 isn't one of those either. About all you can say for 1.68 is that it's positive, it's mixed, and it's rational.

What is one number that is an integer and a whole number but not a natural number?

Any negative integer, for example -3, is one of infinitely many such numbers.

Do all whole numbers go into 1?

Only one whole number goes into one: 1

A whole number with only two factors-one and itself?

A prime number

What is a whole number that only has two factors which is one and itself?

a prime number

What is two consecutive whole numbers that 46 lies on?

There are no such numbers. 46 is a whole number and so can lie on only one whole number.

What number are whole number?

What numbers are whole numbers? Whole numbers are numbers with no value after the decimal point. For example: 1 is a whole number. 1.2 is not a whole number. yes and 1.22 is not one and 1.22222222 is not one is only 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, continue but i dont know if a negetive number counts as a whole number or zero if it counts as a whole number

What is the lowest whole number that is only three words?

one hundred one

What is the whole number of 25 percent?

Nothing you can do to 25% can ever make it a whole number. In order to be a whole number, it has to be '1' or more, but 25% is only one quarter.

What popular diet plans includes all natural foods?

There are lots of diet plans that include natural foods. Some of these include: the raw diet (where one only eats raw natural foods), a vegetarian diet (in which one eats only natural foods that do not include meat), and whole foods diet in one which eat on whole natural foods. If you want to join a diet program, Weight Watchers is a program in which a point number is assigned to different types of food. You can choose to eat only natural foods as you follow their point system.

A whole number with only two factors one and itself?

A prime.