Sin and cosine values of 0?

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sin 0 = 0

cos 0 = 1

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Q: Sin and cosine values of 0?
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What is tangent of 0?

Zero. Tangent = sine/cosine. sin(0) = 0 and cos(0) = 1, so 0/1 = 0.

Which is the number whose sine and cosine of an angle is 1?

There is no number such that its sine and cosine are both 1. sin2(x) + cos2(x) = 1 for all values of x. So, if one of sin(x) and cos(x) is 1, the other must be 0.

What is cosine 0?

Cosine 0 is 1

Does cosine equal 1-sin?

No, it does not.

How do you do a cosine regression on a graphic calculator?

I don't believe the graphic calculator has a cosine regression tool, but if you go to STAT, and CALC, there is a sin regression tool. If you hit enter on that then insert your L values, it will come up with a sin regression. The sin regression should be the same as a cosine regression, except that the sin regression should have a different value of C, usually getting rid of the value of C altogether will give you the correct regression.

Why is sine 30 the same as cosine of 60?

sin(30) = sin(90 - 60) = sin(90)*cos(60) - cos(90)*sin(60) = 1*cos(60) - 0*sin(60) = cos(60).

What is the cosine of -90?

Cosine of -90 is 0.

Is the cosine sine and tangent of an angle equal to each other?

No; those could be three different values, or sometimes two of them might be the same. For example, if the angle is 45 degrees, the values are about... cos:0.707 sin: 0.707 tan: 1 For 45 degrees, the cosine and sine are the same. For 36 degrees, cos:0.809 sin: 0.588 tan: .727

What is the cosine of a ratio that has 0 as its numerator?

If the numerator is 0 AND the denominator is not 0, then the ratio is 0. And cosine of 0 is 1.

What is the Derivative of sin?

Generally, the derivative of sine is cosine.

What is the formula for the y-intercept of a cosine function?

The Y-Intercept of the cosine function is X = 0, Y = cosine(0) = 1.

What is cosine of 3?

Undefined!!!! Can't answer it! All sine and cosine values are between -1 and 1 !!!

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