Sin and cosine values of 0?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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sin 0 = 0

cos 0 = 1

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Q: Sin and cosine values of 0?
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Which is the number whose sine and cosine of an angle is 1?

There is no number such that its sine and cosine are both 1. sin2(x) + cos2(x) = 1 for all values of x. So, if one of sin(x) and cos(x) is 1, the other must be 0.

What is tangent of 0?

Zero. Tangent = sine/cosine. sin(0) = 0 and cos(0) = 1, so 0/1 = 0.

What is cosine 0?

Cosine 0 is 1

How do you do a cosine regression on a graphic calculator?

I don't believe the graphic calculator has a cosine regression tool, but if you go to STAT, and CALC, there is a sin regression tool. If you hit enter on that then insert your L values, it will come up with a sin regression. The sin regression should be the same as a cosine regression, except that the sin regression should have a different value of C, usually getting rid of the value of C altogether will give you the correct regression.

Why is sine 30 the same as cosine of 60?

sin(30) = sin(90 - 60) = sin(90)*cos(60) - cos(90)*sin(60) = 1*cos(60) - 0*sin(60) = cos(60).

Does cosine equal 1-sin?

No, it does not.

Is the cosine sine and tangent of an angle equal to each other?

No; those could be three different values, or sometimes two of them might be the same. For example, if the angle is 45 degrees, the values are about... cos:0.707 sin: 0.707 tan: 1 For 45 degrees, the cosine and sine are the same. For 36 degrees, cos:0.809 sin: 0.588 tan: .727

What is the cosine of -90?

Cosine of -90 is 0.

What is the cosine of a ratio that has 0 as its numerator?

If the numerator is 0 AND the denominator is not 0, then the ratio is 0. And cosine of 0 is 1.

What is the Derivative of sin?

Generally, the derivative of sine is cosine.

What does the Sin of theta equal to if half of the sin of theta. what are the values of theta?

[]=theta 1. sin[]=0.5sin[] Subtract 0.5sin[] from both sides.2. 0.5sin[]=0. Divide both sides by 0.5.3. Sin[] =0.[]=0 or pi (radians)

What is Sin cosine and tangent?

Sin, cosine, and tangent are considered the three main of trigonometry, commonly written as sin, cos, and tan. sin(θ) = O/H cos(θ) = A/H tan(θ) = O/A Where O is opposite Where H is Hypotenuse Where A is Adjacent To assist further in understanding: