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The answer is x=18...c 3/14 = x/84 14 goes into 84 6 times... 6 times 3 is 18!

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โˆ™ 2009-06-22 17:32:15
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Q: Solve for x in the following314x14?
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How do you solve lntan(x)lnsin(x)-lncos(x)?

How do you solve ln|tan(x)|=ln|sin(x)|-ln|cos(x)|? Well you start by........

How do you solve (x y2)(x-y2)?


Why you solve a differential equation for x?

In its normal form, you do not solve differential equation for x, but for a function of x, usually denoted by y = f(x).

How do you solve x plus 1 over x?

You don't "solve" an expression. You can solve an equation; an expression can be simplified or otherwise manipulated, and if you know the value of "x" (in this case), you can evaluate its value.

What variable is used for y intercept?

you make x=0 and solve for y. for the x intercept you do y=0 and solve for x

How do you solve x raised to the power of 36?

x raised to the power 36 is x36. Without a value for x, there is nothing to solve!

How do you determine x and y in the same mathematical problem?

substitute 0 for y and solve for x. then substitute x for 0 and solve for why and you have the x and y coordinates

How do you solve x in math?

You cannot solve 'x' in math unless the other number has a variable as well.

How do you solve x cubed equals x?


X plus 5 x plus 15 what the value of x?

There is not enough information to solve for x. x+5x+15 must equal something (is it 0?) in order to solve for x.

How do you solve 8 xx 8?

how do you solve 8+x=x+8

Solve e to the negative x?

I am not sure what you want to "solve" here. e-x is the same as 1 / ex.

How do you solve x plus 2y4 for y for graphing?

Set it equal to 0 and subtract x and solve for y

How do you solve x plus 13 over 20?

To solve for x, we'd have to know what this expression equals.

What actors and actresses appeared in Solve for X - 2007?

The cast of Solve for X - 2007 includes: Erica Eason

How do you solve for x when a plus x equals b?


Solve for x x-14 equals 14?


How do you solve for x 3x96-75?


What is the answer for x-1?

There is no way to solve X - 1

Solve for x - 8 5?


How do you solve 0.35 x 2.5?

There is no equation to solve, only an expression.

How do you solve for x in geometry?

It depends on the equation that you're trying to solve.

Solve |- 2 x + 2| - 3 = -3?

The equation to solve is given by. |-2 x + 2| -3 = -3 Add 3 to both sides of the equation and simplify. |-2 x + 2| = 0 |-2 x + 2| is equal to 0 if -2 x + 2 = 0. Solve for x to obtain. So, x = 1

how do you solve this x=0.5656565656565656565656565656565656565656?

it is 56/99

How do you solve math problem 100 -x?

You cannot "solve" 100 -x since it is neither an equation nor an inequality.