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You can first subtract 2 from 12 to get 10. Then when you bring 10 across the = sign, it becomes -10, so 42-10 is 32.

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Q: The equation s plus 12-2 equals 42 what number do you subtract to solve the equation?
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How do you solve 2x subtract y equals 1?


Solve this equation -3 equals x plus 2?

Subtract two from both sides and you are left with X equals -5

How do you solve 14 equals 18 plus y?

U can subtract 18 from each side of the equation.

How do you solve the equation 4 plus x equals 2x?

4+ X equals 2X. Subtract X from both sides. Four equals X

13 equals 7 plus s s equals?

Set up the equation and solve: 13 = 7 + s (next subtract 7 from each side of the equation to solve for s) 6 = s

How do you solve the problem -2 plus 5 equals?

To solve -2 plus 5 equals, it's probably easier to start with the positive number and add the negative number to it. The equation will look like this: 5 + (-2) = Because you are adding a negative number, you actually have to subtract the 2, rather than add it, so your answer will be 3.

How do you solve 10x equals 3x plus 56?

First, subtract 3x from each side of the equation. Then, divide each side of the equation by 7 .

Solve this equation using addition method -8x plus 3y equals -5 and 8x subtract 2y equals 6?

x=1, y=1

What number needs to be eliminated to solve this equation 136 equals 24y?


What does x equal in the equation x plus 5 equals negative 13?

Set up the equation and solve: x + 5 = -13 (next subtract 5 from each side of the equation to solve for x) x = -18

How do you solve this equation 19 equals f plus 5?

19 = f + 5 Subtract 5 from both sides: 14 = f

Can you solve the equation 3q 11 8q99?

It is not an equation if it does not have an equals sign. You could simplify it but not solve it.

How do you solve for x in 5x plus y equals 10?

In order to solve for X, or find out what X equals, you need to get the X alone on one side of the equation. In this case, first you subtract the Y so that the equation becomes 5x=10-y. Then you divide both sides by 5. Now the equation is X=(10-y)/5 (or X equals the quantity of 10-y over 5).

How do you solve this 18 - 7 0?

to solve 18-70 you would subtract just like any other equation. 18-70 is equal to a negative number, -52.

Solve the equation 13A equals 65?

a equals 5

How do you solve 9X plus 7 equals 4X - 8?

Here are the steps: -- Write the equation. -- Subtract 7 from each side of the equation. -- Subtract 4x from each side. -- Divide each side by 5.

Solve the equation h plus 1.5 equals 8.4?

h+1.5=8.4 subtract 1.5 from both sides h=6.9

How do you solve 4x subtract 9 equals 7x?

You subtract 4x from 7x with equals 3x so your equation then becomes 9 = 3x.Now you divide 3 from 3x which leaves the x by it's self then divide 3 from 9. The answer would be 3=x

What is 28 plus z equals 56?

Set up the equation and solve for z: 28 + z = 56 (next, subtract 28 from each side of the equaition to solve) z = 28

Given a number. square it. then subtract the sum of twice the number and 4 The result is zero. Find the number?

You want to create an equation for this. The equation should look like this: x^2 - 2x + 4 = 0 Use the quadratic equation to solve it.

Solve a number increased by nine is fifteen?

Let x represent the unknown number and use the known numbers to solve. Set up the equation: x + 9 = 15 (subtract 9 from each side to solve for the unknown number) x = 6

What is the equation that equals pi?

I think it is 3.14 that equals to pi when u solve it

How can you solve of number of neutrons?

Subtract the atomic number from the mass number

Solve the following equation 2A3 equals 8 plus 4A?

Solve the following equation for A : 2A/3 = 8 + 4A

What 4x y14 and 2x y8 solve using substitution?

You cant solve it unless it is an equation. To be an equation it must have an equals sign.