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cross product.

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Q: The product of numbers on the diagonal when comparing two ratios?
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What are the products of the terms on the diagonals when two ratios are compared?

The products of the diagonal terms of two ratios is known as the cross product. This term is more often used in reference to vectors, however.

What does a chemical equation tell you that your observations do not?

A chemical equation tells you the reactants and the products, and also the ratios of each. The ratios can refer to numbers of atoms and molecules or numbers of moles of each reactant and product.

What is an equation comparing 2 ratios called?


How to explain making equivalent ratios?

Equivalent ratios are ratios that represent different numbers but the relationship between the numbers is same.

What is the difference between computer science and statistics?

computer science is study of computers, users, and uses. statistics is a mathematical based class comparing numbers and ratios

Why average of ratios differs from average ratio of a series of numbers?

This is because the average of the ratios does not take account of the sizes of the numbers in the ratios.

Percent ratio proportion decimals inverse comparing ratios convrting rates rate give the meaning and answer?

give the meaning and answer of kinds of fraction percent ratio proportion decimals inverse comparing ratios converting rartios rate

How to find ratios?

ratios r comperisons between 2 numbers

Give you the worksheet answer investigation 2 comparing and scaling equal ratios?

4 to 10,2 to

Can ratios be in decimals?

Yes, they often are. Gear ratios and anatomical ratios are usually expressed in decimal numbers in relation to one.

What are examples of ratios used in life?

Comparing prices of goods. Which is cheaper: ten dollars for a ten kilograms or 7.5 dollars for 7 kilograms? The way to answer it is to compare unit prices and these are examples of ratios. A more complicated situation arises if there is another product costing 8 dollars for 15 pounds (mass, not currency).

How to create equivalent ratios?

Ratios are used to compare numbers. When you're working with ratios, it's sometimes easier to work with an equivalent ratio.

What numbers represent irrational numbers?

These are the numbers which cannot be expressed as ratios of two integers.

What are facts about equivalent ratios?


Are rational numbers ratios?

Yes, they are.

Can irrational numbers be defined as numbers that are not ratios?

Yes - except that you need to specify ratios of INTEGERS. pi/2 is a ratio of pi and 2 but it is irrational.

What are symbols and numbers that tell what elements are in a compound and what there ratios are?

Atomic symbols combined with subscript numbers in a chemical formula tell what elemtnsare in a compound and what the ratios between atoms of these elements are.

When do two ratios form a proportion?

When both can multiply its comparisons to when both ratios share the exact same numbers.

Why are some numbers irrational?

There are numbers which cannot be expressed as ratios of two integers. These are called irrational numbers.

How can you use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar?

You can use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar by comparing to see if the ratios are the same

Are irrational numbers proof of infinitesimals since they are not ratios of 2 finite natural numbers?


How are rates and ratios related?

Rates are ratios that are renamed so that one of the numbers is 1. It is usually the denominator of the original ratio.

Can ratios be simplified into whole numbers?

Yes, some can.

How do you find ratios for prime and composite numbers?

simplify it

How can the division of rational numbers be used in data?