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If an operation calls for multiplication we multiply; if it calls for any other operation, we perform the other operation!

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Related questions

Can you multiply factors with decimals?

You can multiply to numbers with decimals

When you multiply two decimals the answer is the?

When you Multiply two decimals it is called the product.

How does place value affect decimals when you multiply?

it affects because when you multiply you have to move the decimals to the left or right.......(helpful info)

What is Multiply decimals by decimals 14.50 and 3.5?

Blah blah blah

Do you line up decimals when you multiply?


When you multiply two decimals the answer in the?


How do carpenters use decimals?

Carpenters use decimals when they are measuring lengths that are not whole centimeters. They multiply decimals when calculating the area of surfaces.

How do you multiply decimals and fractions?

Convert one to the other.

How do you turn decimals into percents?

Multiply the decimal by 100.

How do you relate decimals and percents?

multiply the decimal by 100

How do you multiply using decimals?

just use claculater

How do you multiply mixed decimals and whole numbers?


What two decimals that when multiply totals 2?

you cant get it

How do you multiply by a decimal?

line up the numbers and decimals multiply regularly then bring the decimal down

How do you multiply fraction by another fraction or a whole number?

turn both fractions into decimals and then multiply!

How do you multiply decimals with whole numbers?

Well it is very easy once you get the hang of it. First you multiply normally, then the decimal you move as many decimals for example: 5.0 times 4 would be 20.0

How do you multiply decimals with fractions?

Change the decimal into a fraction or the easier way is to turn the fration into a decimal, then multiply.

How do you multiply decimals by a fraction?

you can change the fraction into a decimal or vice-versa

What is 0.771 as a percentage?

0.771 = 77.1% (multiply decimals by 100 to get the percentage).

Which two decimals can you multiply to equal 6?

1.5 and 4, for example.

Why does the answer get smaller when multiplying decimals less than 1?

When you multiply a number by a decimal you are dividing.

Do you have to have common denominators when you multiply decimals?

no, that's only if it's fractions.:}

What are the different ways decimals can be converted to percents?

Just multiply by 100

What is 450 as a percentage?

450 = 45,000% (multiply decimals by 100 to get the percent).

What is the percent of 4.7?

4.7 = 470% (multiply decimals by 100 to get percent).