When you multiply two decimals the answer in the?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: When you multiply two decimals the answer in the?
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When you multiply two decimals the answer is the?

When you Multiply two decimals it is called the product.

What two decimals that when multiply totals 2?

you cant get it

Can you multiply factors with decimals?

You can multiply to numbers with decimals

Which two decimals can you multiply to equal 6?

1.5 and 4, for example.

How do you multiply negative decimals?

Since there are two negatives, the answer has to be positive. So, just mulitpl as usual.

What is Multiply decimals by decimals 14.50 and 3.5?

Blah blah blah

How does place value affect decimals when you multiply?

it affects because when you multiply you have to move the decimals to the left or right.......(helpful info)

What is 1.5 as percent?

1.5 is 150%. We move percentages two places left to make decimals. We move two places to the right on decimals to make percentages.

Do you line up decimals when you multiply?


What do you do with the decimal point when multiplying?

When you multiply decimals first you should take away the decimals and just leave the number. Then multiply the two numbers together and you get a larger number than the two numbers you have. Then you have to count out how many decimals places you orignally had in both of the numbers then you put how every many decimal place in the first two numbers in the answer. Let me show you an example 34.56 x 76.096 Take away the decimals 3456 x 76096 Find the answer to this 262987776 Now go back to your two original numbers and find how many decimals places they each have 34.56 has 2 decimals 76.096 has 3 decimals Since you have 2 and 3 decimals you have to put 5 decimal places in your final answer 2629.87776 this is your answer

Multiply decimals by 0.01?

Move the point two places left; eg 3465.76 x 0.01 = 34.6576

What are two methods for determining the placement of the decimal point in the product?

When you multiply decimals, the decimal point is placed in the product.