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6 is a whole number

-47.03 is a negative number

-179 is a negative whole number

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Q: What are any of the whole numbers or negative numbers?
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Do whole numbers include negative numbers?

Yes. ...-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3... are all whole numbers. Whole numbers are any numbers that aren't a fraction and that includes negative numbers.

Is a negative a whole numbers?

No, negative numbers are not in the set of whole numbers.

What is a number that is rational and an integer but not whole?

Any negative integer. Whole numbers are 0, 1, 2, 3, ... Whole numbers do not include negative integers.

What is the description of whole numbers?

whole numbers are any positive or negative number that does not have a fraction or decimal point

Are all whole numbers positive numbers?

Yes, EXCEPT for the number 0. It is a whole number but is not positive or negative. Real Numbers - Everything I. Rational Numbers- Any number except for non terminating decimals A. Integers- Any negative or positive number...not a decimal1. Whole Numbers- Any positive integer INCLUDING ZEROa. Natural Numbers- Any positive integer (NOT INCLUDING ZERO) The answer is not entirely correct, Whole numbers are numbers without a fractional part or decimal point. Therefore whole numbers can be negative as well as positive. -2 is a whole number but is not positive. There are a number of different interpretations for whole numbers, from non-negative integers, positive integers and all integers (which includes negative integers)

Are negative numbers whole numbers Please tell?

No, whole numbers are defined as non-negative integers.

Is the difference of two whole numbers always a whole number?

No. You can subtract two whole numbers and get a negative result. Whole numbers can't be negative.

Are negative numbers whole numbers?

Negative numbers can be whole but not all are. -3.1 is not a whole number but -3 is. Generally it's a whole number if it does not have a decimal and is not a fraction.a ya u a sayIMPROVEMENT:Negative numbers cannot be whole numbers , not at al .Whole numbers are those numbers that stasrt from 0(zero) and go upto infinity.They include all the positive numbers and not negative numbers.And yes they dont contain any decimal or fraction.

Is negative 14 an irrational number?

Whole numbers are RATIONAL. That includes negative whole numbers.

Why are different whole numbers not always a whole number?

Different whole numbers are always whole numbers, but I suspect you meant to ask about the difference between whole numbers. You can subtract two whole numbers and get a negative result. Whole numbers can't be negative.

Can whole numbers be negative?


Are integers the set of positive numbers and negative whole numbers and 0?

Actually the set of integers is the same as the set of whole numbers since the whole numbers include negative whole numbers and zero.

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