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The vertex is (5, 11).

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Q: What are the coordinates of the vertex of the function below y minus 11 equals negative x minus 5 to the second power?
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What is true about all coordinate points in quadrant IV of a coordinate graph?

Their first coordinates are positive and their second coordinates are negative.

What is the definition of range in algebra 1?

The set of all the second coordinates of a function.In a function f(x) = |x|, the range is the set of all non negative numbers.

What are the coordinates of a point that could be in each of the four quadrants?

The coordinates must be as follows: First quadrant: positive, positive Second quadrant: negative, positive Third quadrant: negative, negative Fourth quadrant: positive, negative

What is -6 to the second power?

36 A negative times a negative equals a positive.

Negative six to the second power equals?


Negative 5 to the second power equals?

Negative 5 to the second power would be -5 times -5 which would be 25.

Evaluate a to the second power times a to the negative second power for a equals 8?

The answer is 1, whatever the value of a.

What must be true about the coordinates of any point that lies in the second quadrant?

The x coordinate in the second quadrant is negative while the y coordinate is positive.

How do you use coordinates?

Start at zero and move the value of the first number right (move left if negative) Then move up the value of the second number (down if negative)

Negative x to the second power plus positive x to the second power equals what?

It equals 0. * * * * * Unless the question is (-x)2 + (+x)2. In that case, the answer is 2x2

What does 8.04 times 10 to the negative second power equals?

8.04*10^-2 = 0.0804

Find the coordinates of a second point on the graph of a function f if the given point is on the graph and the function is even?

If the point (x,y) is on the graph of the even function y = f(x) then so is (-x,y)

What is a math image?

The set of all possible second coordinates of the ordered pair ina function is called the image of the function and is often denoted im(f). In other words, the image is all possible outputs of a function

What equals 1 second?

What equals 1 second

What are the rules for multiplying and dividing positive and negative fractions?

negative times negative equals positive negative times positive subtract the bigger number by the smaller number and keep the sign of the bigger number positive times positive equals positive im pretty sure thats right but i would make sure with your math teacher abt the second one i said

How do you get four to the second power plus negative 3 - negative five 2 to equals 20?

4²+(-3-(-5))x2 = 16+ (-3+5)x2 = 20

What is the function table for x equals 3?

First column, of x values, is the domain of x - whatever that may be. Second column, of function values is always 3.

What is the second number in a order pair?

If cartesian coordinates are used then the second number in an ordered pair is the y coordinate, also known as the ordinate. If polar coordinates are used then the second number is the angle.

Why the second derivative negative for Maxima?

When you solve for the 2nd derivative, you are determining whether the function is concave up/down. If you calculated that the 2nd derivative is negative, the function is concave down, which means you have a relative/absolute maximum, given that the 1st derivative equals 0. To understand why this is, think about the definition of the 2nd derivative. It is a measure of the rate of change of the gradient. At a maximum, the gradient starts positive, becomes 0 at the maximum itself and then becomes negative, so it is decreasing. If the gradient is going down, then its rate of change, the 2nd derivative, must be negative.

What is negative 2 to the second power minus 5 to?

-1 -2 multiplied by another -2 equals 4 .4-5=-1

Get second of the current time using date function?

You would use the SECOND function on the NOW function, like this: =SECOND( NOW() )

What are the second cordinates for the telespoce on shrink ray island?

There are no second coordinates on Shrink Ray Island. I think the coordinates are 50,16 but I'm not sure. I suggest you just look it up on Youtube.

Does -7-14 equals -21?

Yes it does. My teacher taught me a cool trick when subtracting negative numbers. You keep the first number(negative or positive) change the sign to a plus and change the sign of the second number.

What is negative six to the negative second power?


How do you subtract a negative and a negative?

Add the second negative to the first negative, so -1 - -2 = 1