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Q: What are the positive whole numbers between 40 and 50?
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Why is the set of positive whole numbers closed under subtraction?

The set of positive whole numbers is not closed under subtraction! In order for a set of numbers to be closed under some operation would mean that if you take any two elements of that set and use the operation the resulting "answer" would also be in the original set.26 is a positive whole number.40 is a positive whole number.However 26-40 = -14 which is clearly not a positive whole number. So positive whole numbers are not closed under subtraction.

What is a whole number less than 40?

All positive integers less than or equal to 39 are whole numbers less than 40.

How many different ways can you multiply to get 40?

If you restrict yourself to positive whole numbers, there are four.

How many numbers are between 40 and 50?

Answer vary according to the type of number. If we say, whole numbers, counting numbers or integers between 40 and 50 then the answer is 9. But, if we talk about rational numbers and irrational numbers between 40 and 50, then the answer is infinite.

What is the whole number between 38 and 45?

The whole numbers between 38 and 45 are 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, and 44

How many numbers there between 200 and 500 that have 7 in the tens place?

40 integers (whole numbers), an infinite number of decimal numbers.

How many whole numbers lie between the squares of 40 and 41?


How many whole numbers between 34 and 41?

The whole numbers between 34 and 41 are: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 Therefore, there are 6 numbers between 34 and 41, not including themselves.

How many numbers are between 30 and 40 that are divisible by 5?

If you want to get technical, infinite. But, whole numbers? Only one not including 30 and 40; 35.

What is sum of first 40 numbers?

The sum of the first 40 whole numbers is 780.

What whole numbers is the square root 112 between?

-11 and -10 or 10 and 11

How do figer out to rent between 35 and 40 square yards of space for big crafts show. The space must be rctangular and the side lengths must be whole numbers. Find the numbers between 35 and 40?