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Multiply it by a 100 or move the decimal point two places to the right

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Q: What are two different ways to convert a decimal to a percent?
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How are fractions different from a decimal or a percent?

They are simply different ways of representing numbers.

What does decimals and percents have in common?

move decimal 2 places to right to convert any decimal to a percent

What does convert mean in math fraction and percent and decimal?

Starting with one of fraction, percent or decimal, find an equivalent value in one of the other ways of expressing numbers.

How are the decimal the fraction and the percent all related?

They are all different ways of representing numbers.

How do you write a decimal 0.2 two different ways not using percent?

0.200 0.2 .2000

How is fraction related to decimal?

They can show the same number, just in different ways. You can convert fractions into decimals or decimals into fractions.

How many ways can you express a fraction in math?

I think there is three different ways to write a fraction. You can write it as a percent, a decimal, and a reduced fraction. I hope this works! :)

What is 0.9 percent as a decimal?

0.9 percent as a decimal is 0.009. There are two ways to convert percentages to decimal. The first is to take the percentage and divide by 100. For example: 0.9% / 100 = 0.009. Alternatively, one can convert a percentage to a decimal by moving the decimal point two digits over to the left. If there are no digits to the left, add zeros until the conversion is complete. So, for 0.9%: 0.9 -> 0.09 -> 0.009

What is 0.08 two different ways?

0.08 can be expressed as:A fraction, eight hundredths (8/100).A percent, eight percent (8%).A decimal, eight hundredths (0.08)

Write two ways in which whole numbers and decimal numbers are different?

Write 2 ways in which whole numbers and decimal numbers are different

What is 203 percent as a decimal and fraction?

203% = 2.03 = 203/100 = 2 3/100. These are simply different ways of writing the same quantity.

Two different ways to write the decimal 0.6?