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If: -6 = 8-2m

Then: m = 7

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Q: What does the m equal in the equation -6 equals 8-2m?
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What is the solution to the equation 3t - 10 equals 8?

t is equal to 6

Solve 3 over 2 parenthesis 1 minus 5 parenthesis equals negative 6?

3/2(1-5)=-6 3/2(-4)=-6 3/-8=-6 Not equal. This equation is a false equation. Unless a variable was meant to be in the equation, this equation is not equal.

What is the answer to the equation x equals 6?

There is no "answer", X=6 is complete in itself. There is nothing to solve. What is the value of X? Well, it's equal to 6.

Equation 2X plus 5 equals 17?

2x must equal 12 so x is 6.

Solve this equation -9h - 6 plus 12h plus 40 equals 22?

The solution to this equation is that h is equal to -4. You can substitute this value for h into the equation to get -4 x -9 - 6 plus 12 x -4 plus 40 equals 22, or 36 - 6 plus - 48 plus 40 equals 22.

Why does 3 plus 6 equal 6 plus 3?

The first equals the second because they're the same total on each side of the equals sign. Try it with grapes, then you can eat your equation.

WHAT DOES '' x '' equal in the equation 9x plus 4 equals 6?

9x + 4 = 6 9x = 6 -4 9x = 2 x = 2/9

What is the answer to the equation x plus 6?

You have not given us an equation, just a term, x + 6. Every equation states that some quantity is equal to some other quantity, and this is shown by means of the equals sign (=). An example of this might be, x + 6 = 10. If that was the equation, then x = 4.

Is c equals ab to the second power a equation or expression?

It is an equation ... Anything with an equals is an equation 2+b=6 Anything without an equals is an expression 2+a

What is the equation 6 plus y equals 12?

The equation 6 + y = 12 is a simple equation in one variable. If you add 6 to both sides of the equals sign, you get y = 18, and that is the solution.

What do x and y equal in 5y equals 2x plus 6?

It is not possible to solve a single linear equation in two variables.

Is -9 6 0 a true equation?

That's not an equation, it has no equal sign. It seems that when typing a question, the equal sign and some other signs get eliminated on this site; you'll have to write the equal sign as "equals" or "equal"; similarly for some other special symbols.

Is 3a-14 equals 4 is a equation or expression?

It is an equation because: a = 6

Is -6-x equals 0 the same as x equals 6?

No because in this equation x = -6 -6--6 = 0

IS 6 equals 6 an equation?

Yes. Anything = anything is an equatiton

What is 6 4?

the answer of this complicated equation equals ten

What is the equation 7x equals 42?


What is the equation of 7x equals 42?


Equation of -7t equals 42?

t= -6

What is 15-6 equals 9?

This is called an equation....

Is x equals 1 a solution of the equation 2 - 8x equals 6?


What is 6 plus 4 equal?

What does 6+4 equal?It equals 10.

What is the converse of if x equals 3 then 2x equals 6?

I believe the converse is: if 2x equals 6 then x equals 3 inverse: if x doesn't equal 3 then 2x doesn't equal 6 contrapositive: if 2x doesn't equal 6 then x doesn't equal 3

What does t equal in the equation 7t-t equals 54?


What does x equal in this equation 2x plus 6 equals 7x-4?

hujkImproved anwser:2x+6 = 7x-42x-7x = -4-6-5x = -10x = 2