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n^3 mean a number Squared by 3

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Q: What does this mean n squared by 3?
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What does N squared mean?

It means N times N. 3 squared is 9.

How do you mathematically express x equals n squared where it repeats until n equals 0 eg for n equals 4 x equals n squared plus n-1 squared plus n-2 squared plus n-3 squared?

Simple equation lad. In your example, you said n=4 and x= n squared + n - 1 + (n-2)squared + (n-3)squared. You simply write n²+n-1+(n-2)²+(n-3)² I hope that is what you mean by what you say. P.S. To get the to the power of sign, hold alt and press 0178 for ², and 0179 for ³

What are the multiples of n 2?

If that's n squared, the multiples are n squared, 2 n squared, 3 n squared and so on. If that's n + 2, the multiples are n + 2, 2n + 4, 3n + 6 and so on.

What is 3 squared times n equals 63?

3 squared is 9 and so 9n = 63 which means n = 7

What is n squared minus n?

n squared minus n

What must you multiply n squared to get n cubed?

n squared x n n x n x n = n cubed n x n = n squared n squared x n = n cubed

What do you get when you factor 4n squared - 26n - 42?

are you sure you don't mean "4n squared - 26n + 42" ?? This would give 2(2n-7)(n-3) Davehx

How is it that 3 is the only prime that is before a square number?

Take any positive integer n. If you square it, and subtract 1, you get (x squared - 1). If you take (n - 1) and (n + 1), and multiply them together, you get n squared - n + n - 1, which is the same as (n squared - 1).

What is the answer to n2 11n 18?

If you mean n squared+11n+18 then it is (n+2)(n+9) when factored

What is the answer for (two n minus three)(n squared plus 5 n minus 1)?

It is 2n^3 + 7n^2 - 13n + 3

What is two thirds to the second power?

2 squared divided by 3 squared ie 4/9 in general, (a/b)^n = a^n/b^n . In this case (2/3)^2=2^2/3^2=4/9 Check: 2/3 = .667 squared = 0.444889; 4/9 =0.44444. Near enough!

What is n squared n?

answer is maths.

How do you do n squared plus n?


What is X squared times negative x squared?

If you mean -(x^2) * x then the answer is -x^3 if you mean (-x)^2 * x then the answer is x^3

How do you add n squared plus n squared?

n2 + n2 = 2 n2

How do you factor 9n squared plus 6n equals 3?

3(3n - 1)(n + 1)

What does little 3 mean that comes after squared?

Do you mean as in m3 it means 'cubed'

When the sum of a number plus 3 is squared it is more than 11 more than the sum of the number plus 2 when squared?

If you mean: (x+3) squared = (x+2) squared +11 Then the value of x works out as 3

What does squared by 3 mean?

Well take (2 squared by 3) that would 2 times 2 which is 4, times 2 which equals 8 so (2 squared by 3) eqauls 8

What does n and x in the equation of nx(n-1) mean?

It is not an equation because it has no equality sign but it means xn squared-nx

Is standard deviation the arithmetic mean of the squared deviations from the means?

No. Standard deviation is the square root of the mean of the squared deviations from the mean. Also, if the mean of the data is determined by the same process as the deviation from the mean, then you loose one degree of freedom, and the divisor in the calculation should be N-1, instead of just N.

What Is the 3 times the difference of a number squared and 82?

Let n be the number. Then it's 3(n2 - 82).

Three squared equals?

3 squared=9 3 squared=3*3 3*3=9

What is this percent d in C programming?

The %d code is a printf format specifier that says to take the next argument and convert it into a decimal, based on an int. for (int i = -3; i < 4; ++i) printf ("i: %d i squared: %d\n", i, i*i); will print i: -3 i squared: 9 i: -2 i squared: 4 i: -1 i squared: 1 i: 0 i squared: 0 i: 1 i squared: 1 i: 2 i squared: 4 i: 3 i squared: 9 on stdout.

What is 3 minus 3 squared?

3 - 3 squared = 6 * * * * * NO! 3 - 3 squared = 3 - 9 = -6