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n squared x n

n x n x n = n cubed

n x n = n squared

n squared x n = n cubed

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Q: What must you multiply n squared to get n cubed?
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What must you multiply n squared by to get five n cubed?

Firstly to get 5n you times by 5!Next n3 (n cubed) is n x n x nTherefore you are timesing n by 5 and then by n and nSo 5n3 = times n by 5 x n x n or simplifyed n x 5n2

What is the GCF of 6m cubed n and 8mn squared?

The GCF is 2mn.

What is the proof for if n cubed is odd then n squared plus one is even?

No even values of n will give give an odd value of n3, so n must be odd.When n is odd, n2 is also odd, so n2+1 must be even. ■

What is pi squared times pi?

n squared x n = n cubed but that does not equal 21. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the correct version: We are looking for Pi squared times Pi which is Pi cubed Now Pi can never be written out exactly because its decimal number goes on for ever. However we can take a good approximation to Pi as 3.142 So Pi cubed = 3.142 x 3.142 x 3.142 = 31.018339 = 31.02 to 4 places.

What is n cubed plus 8 n squared plus 12 n factored?

n3 + 8n2 + 12n = n(n+2)(n+6)

What is n squared plus n cubed?

n2+n3=n5 it's simple 8th grade pre-algebra

How is it that 3 is the only prime that is before a square number?

Take any positive integer n. If you square it, and subtract 1, you get (x squared - 1). If you take (n - 1) and (n + 1), and multiply them together, you get n squared - n + n - 1, which is the same as (n squared - 1).

How would you factor 12n squared plus 4n cubed minus 7n?

n(2n - 1)(2n + 7)

What is n cubed?

N cubed

What does n cubed mean?

n cubed = n times n times n

What is the the formula to get n square meter of one acre?

One acre squared is equal to 4047 meters squared. So the formula to get n square meters is n x 4047=n x acres squared, that is because you will multiply 4047 times how many acres you want to find out.

What is n squared minus n?

n squared minus n