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An integer is not an equation, but rather a counting number.

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Q: What equation is a integer?
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Related questions

What is a diophantine equation?

Only integer solutions are accepted in an diophantine equation

What are the integer solutions to x to the y'th equals y to the x'th?

If x = y, then the equation is true for any integer pair. Otherwise, the equation is not equivalent and is impossible.

What division equation has no remainder?

A division equation in which the numerator is an integer multiple of the denominator.

How to check the solution to an integer equation?

insert the answer in the equation, replacing the variable, and see if it still makes sense.

What lists all the integer solutions of the equation x equals 10?

The person or program that solves the equation does.

Which equation will always produce an odd integer?

Y = 3.

Is a Fibonacci equation all integers?

Yes, it is an integer sequence.

Can you solve an integer equation by adding the same number to each side and why?

You're allowed to do that, yes. Whether or not it "solves" any particular equation depends on the equation itself.

How do you solve integers?

There is no such thing as "solving integers". You can solve an equation, which means finding all the unknowns in that equation, but you can't solve an integer.

How do you write an integer for this equation you owe your friend 19 dollars?

The integer number of dollars that you owe your friend is 19. A strange question!

When 11 times a certain integer is subtracted from twice the square of the integer the result is 21find the integer?


What does the exclamation point symbolize in a math equation?

The exclamation point in a math equation symbolizes the factorial function. The factorial of an integer > 0 is the product of that integer and all of the integers between 1 and that integer. For instance 7! is 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1, or 5040. The special case of 0! is defined as 1.

One integer is three more than twice another integer If the sum of the two integers is 36 what is the smaller integer?

ok this is what it looks like to me...I definitely could be wrong. one integer is three more than twice another integer if one integer is three more than another number (x+3=y) Then you just multiply "the other number" by 2. (x+3=2*y) Sum of two integers is add them (x+y=36) Solve that equation for one number so...(y=36-x) Then you would plug that equation into the first equation where there is a y: (x + 3 = 2*(36-x))

Can you solve an integer equation by adding the same number to each side?


6 times an integer minus 5 equals the square of the integer. find the integer?

If we write the problem as 6x-5=x2, then we can write in the form of ax2+bx+c: -x2+6x-5. Then we can use the quadratic equation, x = (-b ± √(b2 - 4ac))/2a, and put in our own values to get the equation x = 3 ± 2. Therefore, x1= 1 and x2=5.

A positive integer minus a positive integer is always positive?

no it depends on if the first number in the equation is bigger or smaller than the second ex. 2-3= -1

What is the smallest integer solution of 17?

17 is not an equation and so there can be no "solution of 17". There is, therefore, no possible answer to the question.

Which equation represents a line that is parallel to the line whose equation is 2x plus 3y equals 12?

y=-(2/3)x + (n) where n can be any integer.

What is the slope of the line given by the equation y equals 3x Enter your answer as an integer or fraction in lowest terms?


How many real solutions does -42 have?

None. -42 is a single integer, not an equation nor an inequality. So there are no solutions.

What is the equation for scientific notation?

In normalized scientific notation all numbers are written in the form a x 10^b (a times ten raised to the power of b) where a is a nonzero single-digit integer and b is an integer.

What is the number that no value of can be greater than for the solutions to the equation in fermats last theorem?

Fermat's last theorem states that the equation xn + yn = zn has no integer solutions for x, y and z when the integer n is greater than 2. When n=2, we obtain the Pythagoras theorem.

How many positive integer solutions are there to the equation x plus y plus z equals 17?

There are 120 solutions.

How do you solve 19x equals 16 mod 29?

have changed your equation from 19x=29 mod16 to 19x=16 mod29 as it is impossible to have 29 mod 16 in modular arithmetic/it makes no sense. Anyway, any modular equation a=b mod m can be rewritten as a-b=km where k is an integer. or in other words, m divides a-b without remainder. Applying this to the equation above we get (19x-16)/29=k. Now just stick it into a calculator and replace x with integers until the equation gives out an integer, in this case x turns out to be 10.

Two times a certain integer is 6 more than twice its square Find the integers?

Let the unknown integer by n. 2n = 6 + 2n2 : 2n2 - 2n + 6 = 0 For a quadratic equation an2 + bn + c = 0 then the equation has no real roots if b2 - 4ac < 0 : In the example b2 - 4ac = 4 -48 = -44 as this < 0 then the original expression cannot have a real integer solution.