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The minimum size wire to be fed from a 20 amp breaker is a #12 AWG.

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Q: What gauge wire do you use for a 20 amp breaker?
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Is it safe to use 10 gauge wire on a 20 amp breaker for a microwave?

No, 10 gauge wire requires the use of a 30 amp breaker. A 20 amp breaker is only used on 12 gauge wire.

Can you use 14-3 wire on a 20amp breaker?

No. A 20 amp breaker needs 12 gauge wire.

What is the wire size required for 1800 watts for lamps?

14 gauge will handle it with a 15 amp breaker. If you use 12 gauge use a 20 amp breaker.

Can you use 10 gauge wire to connect a 2 15 amp outlets to a 30 amp breaker?


Can you use 14 gauge wire with a 15 amp breaker for recessed lighting?


What size circuit breaker for GFCI circuit in a normal size bath?

Normally it is a 20 amp using AWG 12/2 gauge wire. But it really depends on what size wire is on that circuit. If it is white AWG 14 gauge then use a 15 amp breaker. If it is yellow AWG 12 gauge then use a 20 amp breaker.

What gauge wire to run off a 20 amp breaker?

Use AWG 12/2 with ground.

Can I use 10 gauge wire with a 30 amp dryer?

Typically yes if you use a 30 amp breaker and the dryer uses 230-240 volts.

Can you use number 14 wire to run lights?

Sure. As long as it is connected to a 15 amp circuit breaker. That is the normal gauge wiring for residential lighting. For commercial 12 gauge on a 20 amp breaker is normal.

What size wire for 75 feet of wire for a 30 amp 220 volt oven?

A 30 amp breaker run 75 feet would require you use AWG #10 wire. But, an oven normally pulls more that 30 amps and I would not use #10 wire on a 30 amp breaker for an oven. Normally any newer oven is wired with AWG #6 gauge wire on a 50 amp circuit breaker so the breaker will not trip during heavy use of the oven. Some older ovens could use a #8 wire on a 40 amp breaker.

Is a 12 gauge wire on 20 amp breaker safe for a sub panel?

Yes, if you are running it no farther than 100 feet. If you are going over 100 feet use AWG # 10 wire on the 20 amp breaker.

Should 25 amps breaker be replaced by 20 amps?

Depends on what size wire was used in that circuit. AWG #10 wire requires the use of a 30 amp breaker AWG #12 wire requires the use of a 20 amp breaker AWG #14 wire requires the use of a 15 amp breaker Check the wire size in the circuit and you will know what size breaker to use. It is not going to be a 25 amp breaker.