What is '6x-5y-2x-3y plus 9x-y'?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What is '6x-5y-2x-3y plus 9x-y'?
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What is the width of a rectangle if the area is 3x2 plus 9xy plus 6y2 and the length is 3x plus 6y?

A = 3x2 + 9xy + 6y2l = 3x + 6yA = l×w∴ w = A/l∴ w = (3x2 + 9xy + 6y2) / (3x + 6y)∴ w = x + 1

Factor by grouping 4 plus 9xy-18y-2x?

(x - 2)(9y - 2)

What is 9xy over 105xyz in lowest terms?


What is 4x y-3xy plus 15xy-12 plus 9xy -14xy plus 19 plus -13x y plus 7xy plus 16xy plus 21?

It is not clear whether the spaces that appear between some xy pairs are intentional or whether they should have had some other symbols. Ignoring those spaces, 21xy + 28.

What is the factor of 27x squared y squared - 36xy?

9xy(3xy - 4)